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Stephen R. Lawhead ·  490 pages

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“If thou wouldst seek justice, thyself must be just. ”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“When heaven joins the battle against you, who could stand?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“I know nothing of any phantom,' replied Aethelfrith. 'What sort of phantom is it presumed to be?'
'Why,' replied the merchant, 'it takes the form of a great giant of a bird. Men hereabouts call it King Raven.'
'Do they indeed?' wondered the friar, much intrigued. 'What does it look like - this giant bird?'
The merchant stared at him in disbelief. 'By the rood, man! Are you dim? It looks like a thumping great raven.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Call me Silidons, for such I am.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“El respeto es un tesoro valioso que no cuesta nada. Si pudieras contener tu lengua, verías que puedes aprender a ser cortés.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Soy lo que quieras ver. Cada persona ve algo diferente. ¿Qué es lo que ves tú?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“If ever I boast of seeing a fairer face in all this wide world, may I die a liar's death.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“It does not do to hurry the archer, it makes him miss.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Déjalo. Si eso es lo que verdaderamente siente, nada de lo que le digamos le va a hacer cambiar de opinión, y cabezota como es, nos iba a seguir de cualquier modo.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“... la justicia debería proteger alguna vez a aquellos menos capaces de protegerse a sí mismos. ¿O ha cambiado eso?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Mejor morir en la batalla que vivir como un cobarde.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Cuando el cielo se une a una batalla en tu contra, ¿quién puede resistirlo?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Dejaste de ser un príncipe cuando abandonaste a tu gente.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Este mundo está lleno de penurias, Dios lo sabe y no ahorra ninguna a sus propios sirvientes.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“El agua es el elixir de la vida. Nunca me canso de beberla.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Las palabras que tengo que deciros son más amargas que la ceniza.
Entonces ¡escúpelas ya! No serán más dulces por no pronunciarlas.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Si queréis obtener justicia, también vosotros deberíais ser justos.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Bajo, quizá. Humillado, quizá. Incluso devastado. Pero no destruido. Y nunca, nunca, acabado.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“Young Bran, striving to please and yearning for the approving touch of a father’s hand, only ever saw that hand raised in anger. Thus, he learned at an early age that since he could never please his father, he might as well please himself.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“When iniquity sits in the judgement seat, good men must take their appeals to a higher court.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“May you always have ale enough to wet your tongues, wit enough to know friend from foe, and strength enough for every fight.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“For ourselves, Mighty Father, I pray you keep us from the sin of hatred, keep us from the sin of vengeance, keep us from the sin of despair, but protect us from the wicked schemes of our enemies. Walk with us now on this uncertain road. Send angels to go before us, angels to go behind, angels on either side, angels above and below—guarding, shielding, encompassing.” He paused for a moment and then added, “May the Holy One give us the courage of righteousness and grant us strength for this day and through all things whatsoever shall befall us. Amen.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“justice ought sometimes to protect those least able to protect themselves.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

“For ourselves, Mighty Father, I pray you keep us from the sin of hatred, keep us from the sin of vengeance, keep us from the sin of despair, but protect us from the wicked schemes of our enemies.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, quote from Hood

About the author

Stephen R. Lawhead
Born place: in Kearney, Nebraska, The United States
Born date July 2, 1950
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