Quotes from Stealing the Preacher

Karen Witemeyer ·  347 pages

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“Why was it that thoughts and plans always made more sense when confined to one's mind than when they exited one's mouth?”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“His timing might not be our timing, but it is always perfect.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Joanna's quietly intent nature contrasted sharply with Holly's vibrancy. While Miss Brewster's flirtation stroked his ego, the spiritual maturity Miss Robbin's exhibited commanded his admiration and respect.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Scripture instructs God’s people to give our best to whatever task we turn our hands to, to conduct ourselves as if we work for the Lord himself, not for man.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“In the last three years, he'd met many women.Young. Old. Pretty. Plain. Devout. Flirtatious. After living only among men for years,he found he enjoyed the company of women.Their gracious manners.Their gentle ways.Their lovely figures. But never had he felt anything deeper than a surface admiration. Perhaps because he'd been so focused on his training.Yet only after a handful of minutes, Joanna Robbins had touched something deep inside him, as only a kindred spirit could do.

She'd experienced the Lord's call on her life as surely as he had.And while he'd been called to minister to many, she'd been called for one. Who was he to say her calling any less significant than his own? In fact her dedication to the one in her care humbled him, gave him a perspective he'd been lacking. In other circumstances,he could easily imagine the two of them becoming friends. Maybe after he settled in Brenham, he could write to her, encourage her.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Yet it was her inner light that captured him most.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“His gaze slid toward the back of the sanctuary and collided with Joanna, standing silently in the doorway. You...Crockett's voice tapered off.
For a moment, all he could do was stare. Her rapt attention, the tiny smile that brought into relief the freckles dusting her cheekbones, the way the light passed through the doorway behind her to see her hair ablaze beneath the prim straw bonnet she wore. Yet it was her inner light that captured him the most. The serenity of her features. The glow in her blue eyes. This was a woman of authentic spirituality. No wonder the Master Weaver had chosen her to be the central thread to anchor his new tapestry.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“God desires his people to be abounding in love and good works. To be people of integrity and honor. People who reflect his character. But we are human—sinful people capable of evil deeds.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Certainty of purpose pumping with every heartbeat. That rare sense of satisfaction that came only when one responded to the call to the direct call of the Lord.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Not that this woman would need chains to capture a man's attention under normal circumstances. Her milky skin,soft eyes,and that mad riot of reddish-gold corkscrew curls that gave her a pixie-like appearance would see to the task.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Unless he'd missed is guess, Miss Joanna Robbins possessed the soul of a missionary. How that had come to be when she'd been raised by an outlaw and his gang, Crockett couldn't fathom. Yet he sensed her passion. Respected it. He'd not belittle her dream.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“Joanna pivoted and bit back a groan of despair.Crockett Archer was even more handsome than she'd remembered. Somehow his rancher's clothing made him seem more approachable, more...within her reach. And if that wasn't the most ridiculous notion, she didn't know what was. A man with his looks and kind heart could have any woman he chose. He'd never settle for a shy, freckled redhead with an ex-outlaw for a father. She was everything the ideal preacher's wife was not.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“He was halfway to the house, thinking to set the cabbage inside the kitchen door,when a brown blur thundered past him.
Joanna Robbins tore out of the barn astride a magnificent chestnut quarter horse. She leaned forward in the saddle,hat flopping against her back, hair streaming out behind her in a wild curly mass as she urged her mount to a full-out gallop. Unable to do anything but stare, Crockett stood dumbstruck as she raced past.
She was the most amazing horsewoman he'd ever seen. Joanna Robbins. The shy creature who claimed painting and reading were her favorite pastimes had just bolted across the yard like a seasoned jockey atop Thoroughbred. She might have inherited her mother's grace and manners, but the woman rode like her outlaw father.Maybe better.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

“You've a good heart,Joanna Robbins,he said from his perch on the wagon seat. It's easy to see why Jackson admires you.”
― Karen Witemeyer, quote from Stealing the Preacher

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