9+ quotes from Dear Life by Meghan Quinn

Quotes from Dear Life

Meghan Quinn ·  351 pages

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“First impressions are meaningless, because not everyone can be on point all the time, and yet, one bad day can ruin us.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“It’s easy to observe when you sit back and listen, if you truly listen to someone rather than preparing to respond to what they’re saying. It’s the difference in creative listening and reactive listening.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“Be kind. Be Courageous. Do good. Own you. And Prove your existence.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“Prove your existence. That’s your new motto to live by. What did you do today to prove your existence, what are you doing tomorrow to prove your existence in this world?”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“You have the right to be mad, but be mad with a purpose. Be mad at the right thing.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“I know. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought it was a book about a nice college girl interviewing a businessman until contracts start to be talked of and kisses happen in elevators. Then before you know it,” Grams wings her hands in the air freely, “penises are flying about and tampons are being pulled out.” Fanning herself, she continues, “I’ve been quite educated.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“Life isn’t some walk in the park where you can make wishes on dandelions. Life is work. Life is a journey of triumphs and sorrows. Of successes and failures. Of learning experiences and growing opportunities. You can’t sit back and expect different results when you’re not doing anything to change.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“as a collective whole we ask for compassion and understanding but have a hard time handing it out when the time comes.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

“Sometimes, as humans, we don’t know how to handle the loops of the roller coaster life takes us on, so we silently turn to our vices for support; drinking, drugs, binge eating. There is no physical reason to do so, no actual justification for our actions, besides wanting to temporarily dull the ache within our bruised and brittle souls.”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from Dear Life

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Meghan Quinn
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Magnus preened slightly. "Ah. Well."
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