7+ quotes from A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman

Quotes from A Heart Revealed

Julie Lessman ·  503 pages

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“No one escapes being hurt in this life, because unfortunately, we live in a fallen world. But please believe me when I say there's a great gift in pain.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

“I was young once, you know. Truth be told, I still am. Now, if I can convince my mirror.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

“I'm not sure what God has in store for you but I do know one thing - it will be good. I've learned He doesn't skimp with those who have a heart for Him. After all, His Word says He honors those who honor Him.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

“And that is that no matter how much joy or pain we have in this world - and I have experienced both - nothing satisfies the human heart like the love of God.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

“... forgiveness is really just another word for freedom.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

“But we can't see or feel God, Emma, so how can you feel his love? I need more than prayers to a God I can't touch, see, or hear - I want to hear words of love, see kind actions, feel hugs and kisses...

We all do, because yes, we're human beings. But we were made in God's image. ... Which means, Casey, like Father, like daughter. You want to be loved? So does he. You want to be touched? So does he. You want to feel the rush of a kiss or a warmth of a hug? ... So does he, Casey. Which is why I rushed to him when Rory hurt me and my family betrayed me. And you know what? I found a God whose arms were open wide and whose heart leapt with joy when I called his name. As protective as a mother and as jealous as a lover, this was a God who wanted me for his very own. Me - Emma Mallory! To touch, to bless, to fill with his pleasure. ... Until I overflow, spilling his love on all those around me - treasured possessions of a passionate God.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

“And closing one's eyes, no matter how fervently, does not make the truth go away.”
― Julie Lessman, quote from A Heart Revealed

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