Quotes from Sea

Heidi R. Kling ·  323 pages

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“We do not choose what happens to us. We can only choose what we do after. What we do now. We can only choose to keep going.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“I wanted to tell him that you can meet someone and they can change your life forever, even if you have only known him for a short while, that when you leave, you're a different person than before you met him... and I undertstand that because of meeting Deni.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“Maybe that's why we used to get along so well - we both enjoyed lounging around in our own chaos.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“And we clung to each other like we were drowning because, in a way, we were.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“Sea, give me a break. It's always been you.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“They do not disappear when they die. They leave us their strength.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“He looked at me like I just told him the earth was flat and I had definitive proof.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“Yeah, I do. Sometimes I worry my memories will fade without them.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“Reflecting your current reality. Dreams are fasinating, aren't they? Portholes into the subconscious.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“Of course,' Spider said. 'I'd bring you Popsicles and cheesy celebrity magazines.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea

“Spider had that easy way about him that people who have never had anything bad happen to them seem to possess.”
― Heidi R. Kling, quote from Sea


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Heidi R. Kling
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