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12+ quotes from Nightmares! by Jason Segel

Quotes from Nightmares!

Jason Segel ·  355 pages

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“I wouldn’t make fun of someone’s nightmares until you’ve slept a night in his pajamas.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“That’s how fear grows. When you keep it locked inside and never let it out, it starts to eat you alive.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“Do you know why people think nightmares aren’t real?” Charlie was too confused to answer. Something had changed. This nightmare was different from the rest. The witch had never spoken to him like this before. “Because most people wake up,” the witch continued. “Their spirits come here when they sleep and their bodies stay safe and sound in your world until morning.” She leaned in closer. “But you know what I’ve figured out? I’ve figured out how to bring your body here to the Netherworld too.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“Mi sa che ti hanno mentito,
se ti hanno detto che gli incubi non sono veri.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“Se fossi in te, non prenderei in giro gli incubi degli altri senza aver dormito una notte nel loro pigiama.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“Dabney is convinced that the Dream Realm exists. That’s why he’s such a thorn in the president’s side. Dabney says our job isn’t to keep humans scared. Our job is to help humans face their fears. And if we do our jobs well, we deserve to retire. The Dream Realm is our reward.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“As soon as Jack had squeezed around the boxes and out the door, Charlie pulled the covers back up to his chin and thought about what the witch had said. I’ve never seen anyone as scared as you, Charlie Laird. Was it true?”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“The plan, my fellow nightmares, is simple. One—find the boy. Two—keep the portal open. Three—conquer the Waking World. Four—try a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Five—never die.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“La paura è come il catrame,
si appiccica dappertutto e divora ogni cosa.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“E' così che cresce la paura.
Se la tieni chiusa dentro senza farla mai uscire comincia a divorarti vivo.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“Non importa di cosa hai paura, importa il perché ne hai paura.
Gli incubi sono le paure della gente camuffate.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

“Solo i deboli hanno bisogno di far sentire piccoli gli altri.”
― Jason Segel, quote from Nightmares!

About the author

Jason Segel
Born place: in Los Angeles, California, The United States
Born date January 18, 1980
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