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30+ quotes from Rival by Penelope Douglas

Quotes from Rival

Penelope Douglas ·  366 pages

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“You’ve always wanted me. You know why? Because I don’t try to kill your demons. I run with them.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Fight. Fight through everything. Don’t leave the house angry or go to bed mad. Fight until it’s settled. The end of fighting is the beginning of giving up.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“When you stepped on Jared’s toes, you’d get punched in the gut. If you stepped on Jax’s toes, he’d hack into the county database and issue a warrant for your arrest.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Sometimes I wore smiles but didn’t feel them. Sometimes I felt them and didn’t wear them. I didn’t want her to know how much I craved this. I bit my bottom lip.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“The thing is, Fallon . . . I told you before to lock the door if you wanted me to stay out. Funny thing is . . .” I leaned in. “You. Never. Did.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“But breaking was beautiful. It hurt, and it was an uphill climb back to sanity, but you came back stronger, fiercer, and more solid than you were before. Tate had obviously been through it, I had, and eventually so would K.C., I thought.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Madoc was always calm, after all. So calm all the damn time growing up. He didn’t shout or show his anger until he’d had enough. And you never knew exactly when that was going to be. That was the scary part about him.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Sometimes I wondered if the angels talked to get me to behave or to entice the devil to come out to play.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Do you love me?"
I nodded like a kid that wanted ice cream. "Yes."
"Like love me so much that you wouldn't be able to kill me if I turned into a zombie?”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“But that was two years ago. She wasn’t sexy to me anymore. Now she was lethal.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Whether or not he still wanted me, I knew he wouldn’t want anyone else to have me.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“But breaking was beautiful. It hurt, and it was an uphill climb back to sanity, but you came back stronger, fiercer, and more solid than you were before.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“He was here. We were alone. We were angry. Déjà vu.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“You have to have something to love. Something to fight for to make living a goal instead of a job.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Mistakes can be dealt with. Loss of time can't.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Madoc, it’s Jax,” he said in a serious tone. “I’m at your house. Tate and I want confirmation you’re not drunk, high, or suicidal. Jared’s here, but he could care less. We’ll meet you after your game, or I’ll give Tate a crowbar and set her to work on your car.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“He was soft and slow, gentle and attentive. Possessive.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Fallon continued. “We learned in school that bullies abuse others because they feel bad about themselves. They’re hurting.” She brought up her knees and locked her arms around them, her tone light and taunting. “We shouldn’t be mad. We should pity them." Madoc has never had to make a real decision in his entire life, which means he’s never had anything real. This house, the cars, the money. It’s all an illusion. It’s like parading a victory when you missed the war.” She took a breath and whispered slowly. “Madoc has no idea who he is.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“A single composition can have so many meanings depending on the person playing.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“This is why Madoc was going to be a great lawyer like his dad. Working people wasn’t just about the words you spoke. It was about body language, tone, and timing. Keep your voice natural, your body relaxed, and distract them with a change of subject as soon as possible. Here it comes in three, two, one . . . “Come on,” he nudged Addie. “It’s fine.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“I talked a lot of shit, but truth be told, it was more for my ears than anyone else’s. Madoc was designer. I was Target. He was Godiva. I was Snickers. And as far as he was concerned, he was entitled, and I was the freeloading daughter of the gold- digging whore who had snagged his father.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Madoc has a winning personality, and he’s hot. But Jared is just hot. At least Madoc has more going for him. Was she on a mission from God to reform assholes?”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“But I found out that they were part of a façade that he adopted. When the clothes came off, so did Madoc’s mask. At night when he’d hang out in just jeans and nothing else, it was like I was seeing an entirely different guy. Strong. Powerful. Mine.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“I wanted him angry and out of his mind. I wanted to trap him.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Now, I knew more, and I knew what I wanted.
I wasn’t afraid of taking it and taking chances.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“I knew exactly how I felt about Madoc. And I knew why I felt that way. I hated him. I hated what he did to me. But why in the hell did he hate me?”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“But we were different now. I wanted only his pain, and judging from the girl he’d come home with last night, Madoc was still the same. A user.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Fallon and I were a lot like them. Only I didn’t love her, and she didn’t love me. I was infatuated with her once— and loved that she let me take my pubescent urges out on her— but we weren’t in love.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“Fallon affected my body in weird ways. But only because she’s different, I told myself.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

“My attitude. It’s what I fed off of as well. It’s what made people like me.”
― Penelope Douglas, quote from Rival

About the author

Penelope Douglas
Born place: in Dubuque, Iowa, The United States
Born date February 1, 2018
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“Oscar’s breath warmed the back of her head, his lips brushing against her hair, loosened from a braid. He drew a lock away from her neck and kissed the skin just beneath her earlobe, against the throb of her quickening pulse. Like the blackness outside the dome of lamplight, there seemed to be nothing more in the world than his lips, his touch, and the flood of heat consuming her.
With a gentle nudge, Oscar turned her toward him. He looked at her the way he had in the Grampains meadow-as if she was the most fascinating woman he’d ever seen. Under his gaze she felt fascinating, too. Capivating…wanted. He traced her jaw with his lips, kissing the angle of her neck ever so tenderly, as though he weren’t certain she wanted him, too. Camille closed the inch of space left between them, her body pressing against his. The muscles in his chest and arms tightened. He was wanted, and she needed to show him how much. No one was there to watch, no one to judge, or tell her the lips caressing her were unworthy of tasting her skin.
With those very thoughts, Oscar’s grip loosened. His lips retreated.
“This isn’t right,” he whispered, catching his breath.
Camille stared at him, her hurt and disappointment plain on her face.
“You’re engaged, Camille.” He looked around the room. His eyes rested on the bed. “I shouldn’t be here.”
All of a sudden, Camille completely and fully detested Randall. Good, sweet, well-meaning Randall infuriated her with his mere existence, with his big sapphire ring and his marriage proposal and his bright, wealthy future as the savior of Rowen & Company. She didn’t want any of it if it meant she couldn’t have Oscar’s kisses, the return of his hands, and his body pressed close to her own.
“I want you here,” she said, the words unable to express the desires stampeding her mind.
Oscar licked his lips but stepped toward the doorway. “I can’t. If you’re going to marry Randall-“
Camille hushed him. “No, don’t. Please, don’t.” She didn’t want to hear Randall’s name coming from Oscar’s lips, not when she so desperately wanted to kiss them.
“He’s not here. And you are, and…what if you stayed?” she asked, unable to believe the words had come from her mouth. He lost the tense hold of his shoulders and stared at her with disbelief.
“Nothing improper, of course,” she added quickly. “What if you just stayed until…until I fell asleep?”
Citrus and cloves charged through her sense with their dizzying effect as Oscar stepped back inside the room.
He tilted his head and looked sideways at her. “Just until you fall asleep?”
She nodded, her throat too tight with nerves to speak.”
― Angie Frazier, quote from Everlasting

“Now she realized that she was not peering at a so-dark-blue-it-looked-black ocean, but rather she was looking straight through miles of incredibly clear water at something enormous and black in its nethermost depths. Maybe it was the bottom--so deep that not even light could touch it.

And yet, down in those impossible depths, she thought she could see tiny lights sparkling. She stared uncertainly at the tiny glimmerings. They seemed almost like scattered grains of sand lit from within; in some places they clustered like colonies, faint and twinkling.

Like stars...”
― Fuyumi Ono, quote from The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow

“—¿Qué cuadro es ése? —preguntó el estudiante. —Psiquis.”
― Anton Chekhov, quote from Racconti

“Your shelled bed I remember.
Father, this thick air is murderous.
I would breathe water.”
― Sylvia Plath, quote from Plath: Poems

“Her voice, he thought, was like water running over pebbles in sunshine.”
― Katherine Rundell, quote from The Girl Savage

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