22+ quotes from Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

Quotes from Seeking Crystal

Joss Stirling ·  258 pages

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“Hell-on-skis, can you hear me? This is flying cupcake.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Xavier, you have given me more grey hairs than all my sons put together.’ Saul frowned, then corrected himself. ‘To be fair, you and Zed. Just try not to add to them tonight.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

Got you. Not letting you go.
I realised I wasn't alone in mental deep space; he had always been there and could pilot me home.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Yves. You are goint to love him all over again when you meet him, believe me. You're married.'
'I'm what? But I can't be more than eighteen!'
'My son is very persuasive,' said Saul proudly.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“I am equivalent of what in the Harry Potter world is called a sqib. A damp Squib. As the seventh child, all had expected me to come loaded with the whole box of fireworlks. Instead they got a girl who could tell you where you left your keys. Yes, that's right. I'm equivalent of a whistling key fob.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“I've just had a really evil idea."
"My favourite kind”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Trace is cooking Nonna's lasagna."
"Wow. I must see this."
"He was wearing her little apron and everything."
"Got a camera?”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“You pushed it too far. You shouldn't take the same risk again."
"Says the guy who got shot.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Xav sprinkled olive oil on his lettuce. 'Lola was very particular that it all had to fit properly.'
'Lola?' squeaked Diamond. I wanted to warn her not to rise to the bait Xav was dangling in front of her but it was too late.
Xav added some Parmesan and pepper. 'Suspicious, Diamond? You should be. This is a bachelor party I'm organizing, not a school outing, and it is going to tick all of Trace's boxes. Lola is either a very efficient water sports instructor or an exotic dancing girl; I'll leave it your imagination.'
I rolled my eyes at Diamond. 'Myabe she's both. I mean the guys will really go for that, I guess. Don't worry,Di, Luigi and his crew will not disappoint us girls.' Luigi was in fact Contessa Nicoletta's little bespectacled chef with whom I had been consulting about the menu for Friday, but the Benedicts weren't to know that. 'He has promised to provide something suitably spicy for our tastes.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“I caught a glimpse of him thinking of the final combat in the movies, Harry versus Voldemort, Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“With kisses like that, I wish this was the Universe where you were my soulfinder.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“He[Crystal's father] had found my height amusing, referring to me as his "little girl" at every opportunity even though I could see the bald patch on top of his head fringed by curls when we stood side by side.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Awesome. Trace, you’re one lucky son of a .......very lovely mother.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“I wasn't thinking all of them—just Zed and Victor. Zed as the seventh son has a touch of most of our skills and can hold us together when we do a joint investigation. He’s a pain in the neck but a useful one.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“He said he needed to unwind. He was furious we all let you go so far. That boy would stop you so much as breaking a nail if he could.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“I hadn't hold out much hope for myself; if my counterpart existed, he'd be amazingly talented to make up for my shortcoming, and that would condemn me to a life of living in his shadows; or he'd match my feeble powers and be so weak that we'd barely sense each other.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Zed and Sky had stayed behind and were chatting with Will, Sky sitting on Zed's knee as if nothing was going to get them apart again in a hurry. Victor and Uriel were playing cards at the kitchen table. Trace looked cute in an apron, chopping vegetables with a surgeon's precision.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Will laughed. 'I now know why fate linked you with Xav. You are going to tease each other unmercifully.'
Victorthrew down a card. 'Might make the world a little safer for the rest of us then.'
'Unless they turn their powers jointly on us,' suggested Sky, her old sparkle back in her eyes.
The Benedict brothers groaned in unison.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Saul tapped his wife's obstinate chin. "Mrs. Benedict, you certainly are. You promised to obey."
"That was thirty years ago! Before the wedding ceremony caught up with the modern age."
"Well, I for one am holding you to that. Gondola for two, in the moonlight, with champagne and roses.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“...I want you to be as happy as I am."
"Trust me, that wouldn't be the case if I found myself shackled to Xav Benedict by a quirk of fate.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“I would have normally tried to ignore the display of tanned arms and glimpse of toned midriff this flailing about revealed, but, hey, I have hormones like the next girl. Some things in life are worth seeing.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal

“Italian men are raised from birth to flatter females”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Seeking Crystal


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