12+ quotes from Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton

Quotes from Flirt

Laurell K. Hamilton ·  192 pages

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“Hope will lie to you, but lust is what it is; it never lies.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“That was the problem with loving people: it made you weak. It made you need them. It made the thought of not having them the worst thing in the world.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“You say that like I have a choice. These are the ideas that come to me. These are the ideas that have always come to me. If it can bleed me,eat me, or fuck me, I want to write about it. -L.K. on why she writes about sex and monsters in 'Flirt' Afterword”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“When God ignores you, the devil starts looking good.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“I should not have to flirt with someone while I'm trying to threaten someone else with a gun; it was too hard to do both.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“I looked up at Ellen and her not-glowing pentagram. "Harm none is the rule, Ellen: bad witch, no cookie.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“Nicky looked down at me with a knowledge on his face that he was holding the monster in his arms. I'd have comforted him, but it would have been all lies.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“Eppure continuano a chiedermi: "Perchè scrivi di sesso e di mostri?"

L'unica risposta sincera è questa: "Lo dite come se avessi scelta. Invece sono queste le idee che mi arrivano. Queste sono le idee che mi sono sempre arrivate. Voglio scrivere di esseri che possono dissanguarmi, divorarmi o portarmi a letto."

Ogni ragazza ha bisogno di un hobby.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“Nothing happens to the kid, or you will not have enough money to keep yourself out of jail, or at least the nut house.” “I am not crazy, Ms. Blake. I’m a woman scorned.” “He was married to you for twenty-five years. I think the poor bastard suffered enough.” That was it. She turned on the stiletto points of her expensive shoes and stalked out. If I’d known that that would make her leave I’d have said it sooner. Seemed this was my week for people wanting my very “alive” zombies for very bad purposes.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“Se mai potrò, affiggerò sopra St.Louis un avviso per tutti i sicari professionisti."
"E cosa ci scriverai?"
"'Qui c'è una bastarda più grossa e più cattiva di voi.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“I’d call it a gift, at least until I had to take Nicky home with me, and then I was going to have some explaining to do. He followed me home, can I keep him? had never worked for puppies when I was a child, and it seemed totally inadequate for a whole human being. The”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

“them. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to leave. I’ll gather everyone up, and we’ll leave you and your men alone. I’d put a sign above St. Louis for all the hired thugs, if I could.” “What would it say?” I asked. “Here is a bigger motherfucker than you are.” Jacob”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, quote from Flirt

About the author

Laurell K. Hamilton
Born place: in Heber Springs, Arkansas, The United States
Born date February 19, 2018
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