5+ quotes from Razing Kayne by Julieanne Reeves

Quotes from Razing Kayne

Julieanne Reeves ·  418 pages

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“I need you, Jess, with everything in me I need you, not just now or tonight, but forever. You're my North Star and Safe Harbor and all those other sappy clichés, but above all else, you are my dragon slayer. I need you tonight. I need you in my arms where I can feel your heart beating in time with mine. Just hold me and… and let me hold you in return.”
― Julieanne Reeves, quote from Razing Kayne

“I designed this and had it made especially for you. The trefoil is the symbol of immortality: a beginning without an end, like our life together. The hearts represent my love for you. Forever love. Unending like the knot they form. I chose opals instead of diamonds, because opals are warm living stones, each color a birth stone, yours being the center of this ring just like you are the center of our family. “I know the inscription isn’t original, but the meaning behind the words is. I wrote those words for the wife I dreamed of. And here you are. With My Last Breath.”
― Julieanne Reeves, quote from Razing Kayne

“There are two dedications. The first is Jessica’s. To my precious children, Madalina, Ashur, Isabelle, and Grace, No mother could love her children more than I love you. Each of you is truly a gift from God that I cherish more than anything else in this world. And to Amy Sarah, my Beloved Princess. I only held you once, but you live on forever in my heart. Even you have a story.” Kayne paused and bussed her temple before continuing. “The second dedication is from Darcy’s kids. I may call you Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or some other name, the title doesn’t matter to my heart. It only knows that it loves you. Happy Mother’s Day.”
― Julieanne Reeves, quote from Razing Kayne

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.”                                                    ~ Washington Irving”
― Julieanne Reeves, quote from Razing Kayne

“You wouldn't find it funny if you had zipper tracks permanently pressed into your dick.”
― Julieanne Reeves, quote from Razing Kayne

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Julieanne Reeves
Born place: The United States
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