18+ quotes from Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Quotes from Radio Silence

Alice Oseman ·  403 pages

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“And I’m platonically in love with you.”
“That was literally the boy-girl version of ‘no homo’, but I appreciate the sentiment.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I wonder- if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all?”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I wonder sometimes whether you've exploded already, like a star, and what I'm seeing you is three million years into the past, and you're not here anyore. How can we be together here, now, when you are so far away. When you are so far ago? I'm shouting so loudly, but you never turn around to see me. Perhaps it is I who have already exploded. Either way, we are going to bring beautiful things into the universe.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“Everything's better under the stars, I suppose. If we get another life after we die, I'll meet you there, old sport...”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“He smiled and looked away. 'Sometimes I think we're the same person...but we just got accidentally split into two before we were born.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“It must be useful to be smart," she said and then laughed weakly. She glanced down and suddenly looked very sad. "I'm like, constantly scared I'm going to be a homeless or something. I wish our whole lives didn't have to depend on our grades.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“...it felt like we were friends. Friends who barely knew anything about each other except the other's most private secret.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“This is real, this is me,' I said.
She blinked. 'Did you just quote Camp Rock at me? That's not very pop punk."
'I've gotta go my own way.'
'Okay, firstly, that's High School Musical...”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“Are you wearing that?' he [Daniel] said. I looked down. I was wearing my batman onesie.
'Yes,' I said, 'Problem?'
'So many,' he said, turning around. 'So many problems.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I couldn’t quite believe how much I seriously loved Aled Last, even if it wasn’t in the ideal way that would make it socially acceptable for us to live together until we die.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“You're an idiot,' said Mum, when I relayed to her the entire situation on Wednesday. 'Not an unintelligent idiot, but a sort of naive idiot who manages to fall into a difficult situation and then can't get out out of it because she's too awkward.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“People move on quicker than I can comprehend. People forget you within days, they take new pictures to put on Facebook and they don't read your messages. They keep on moving forward and shove you to the side because you make more mistakes than you should.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“Being clever was, after all, my primary source of self-esteem. I’m a very sad person, in all senses of the word, but at least I was going to get into university.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I wish I could be as subtle and beautiful. All I know how to do is scream.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“Mum was in the lounge in her unicorn onesie watching Game of Thrones.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I wonder – if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all?”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I think everyone’s a bit bored with boy-girl romances anyway,” he said. “I think the world’s had enough of those, to be honest.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

“I can take a little beating now and then. I’m a tough one. I’m a star. I’m steel-chested and diamond-eyed. Cyborgs live and then they break, but I’ll never break. Even when my bone dust drifts over the City walls, I’ll be living and I’ll be flying, and I will wave and laugh.”
― Alice Oseman, quote from Radio Silence

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