10+ quotes from Invaded by Melissa Landers

Quotes from Invaded

Melissa Landers ·  356 pages

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“I know how humans love. Their passion burns like a lump of sugar – quick and hot. And when the fire dies, they seek a new flame. They chase sparks instead of collecting the warmth of old embers.”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“You'll feel better after a new pair of jeans and a triple fudge meltdown. And if that doesn't work, we'll watch Magic Mike."

Cara laughed as tears welled in her eyes. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that.”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“It's like our whole culture is based on frivolity, and I never noticed before." -Cara”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“She wanted to be a normal teenager again, to go to college and spend her nights reading and studying and watching Doctor Who reruns.”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“When you preach hatred, how do you expect your followers to respond?”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“I've always wanted to be a journalist, but what am I going to do? Write articles about which movie star had the fat sucked from her ass and injected into her face? Which professional athlete just confessed to shooting steroids? The last celebrity baby names?" Cara lowered both brows in frustration. "Who cares?”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“Just because you change girlfriends before your gum loses flavor doesn't mean my relationship is doomed to fail.”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“«Quando una cosa è così meravigliosamente buona», gli rispose con aria sognante, «vuoi che duri il più possibile»”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“«L’amicizia cambia, evolve», disse Elle laconicamente. «E a volte passa. È nella natura delle cose»”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

“«E questo sentimento», si premette una mano sul petto, «per lui non durerà. Lo so come amano gli umani. Le loro passioni bruciano come una zolletta di zucchero… Bollenti e rapidissime. E appena il fuoco si spegne, vanno alla ricerca di una nuova fiamma. Preferiscono le scintille al rassicurante calore delle vecchie braci»”
― Melissa Landers, quote from Invaded

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