6+ quotes from Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson

Quotes from Phantom Waltz

Catherine Anderson ·  418 pages

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“Falling in love doesn't always lead to heartbreak, honey. With the right man, it can be a one-way ticket to paradise.”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Phantom Waltz

“When you've been hurt, you don't make excuses for the jerk who hurt you. That's his mama's job.”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Phantom Waltz

“What was she thinking? Tarnished Silver? Brother. He probably practiced that smoldering look in the mirror so all women within a mile would fall over like nine pins when he smiled. Well, count her out. He was mouthwatering to look at, but so was cheesecake, and cheesecake was a heck of a lot safer.”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Phantom Waltz

“Put your arms around my neck, sweetheart."
"Whatever for?"
He grasped her wrists and lifted her arms himself. "Because," he whispered, "we're going to dance."


"This will never work. I appreciate the thought. It's very sweet, but-"
"Shut up," he whispered.
The first notes of the next number drifted to them, and she realized it was the band's rendition of Montgomery's hit song, "I swear." Tears sprang to her eyes, for the instant she recognized the tune, she knew Ryan had requested it.
"Dance with me," he whispered.
"I feel foolish."
"Who'll see? Only me, and I'm our best bud, so I don't count. Besides, why should you feel foolish?"
"My legs are dangling. My feet will thump your shins."
"Those soft slippers won't hurt my shins," he assured her.

And with that, he swept her into a waltz.

-Ryan and Bethany (Phantom Waltz)”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Phantom Waltz

“associate with that.” He tugged on his ear again. “So … tell me about your family. You and Jake seem very close. Do you have the same kind of relationship with your other brothers?” Happy to change the subject, Bethany launched into a brief description of her siblings. “In a large family like ours, it’s never easy being the youngest, and I think it was especially difficult being the only girl. Too many protectors. Someone was always watching after me. It took a lot of maneuvering on my part to get away with anything.” “I’m sure your folks appreciated your brothers’ efforts.”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Phantom Waltz

“Hmm?” She stopped and looked back.”
― Catherine Anderson, quote from Phantom Waltz

About the author

Catherine Anderson
Born place: in Grants Pass, Oregon, The United States
Born date December 22, 2018
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