9+ quotes from Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber

Quotes from Royal Blood

Ellen Schreiber ·  208 pages

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“My handsome Knight of Night came over to me and kissed me softly on the cheek.”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“Who needs an umbrella in the rain?" she said, and stepped into the car.”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“But as we are looking toward our future, I'm not sure it matters what we want to be but rather who we want to be. Someone honest or deceitful? Someone kind or cruel? Someone loyal or unfaithful? In any profession we can elect to be any of those things. I think this assignment is not only about what we choose to do but about who we choose to be. I choose to always be loyal to myself.”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“When are you going to admit that you are avoiding me because you're hot for me?"
"When hell freezes over."
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“I'm not through with you yet. Are you prepared to accept your punishment?"
I nodded reluctantly. I wasn't sure what a vampire's punishment might be. But I was ready to find out.
"I sentence you to a thousand kisses," he said.
"Can I begin now?”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“Welcome to the Family."
- Mrs.Sterling”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“I think I might have to place you under arrest for trespassing.
But I always go easy on pretty girls who confess.”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“When you were little, what inspired you to feel this way?' Then he paused and asked, 'Looking in the mirror and having it crack in two?'
Instead of clobbering him, I laughed-the kind of laugh that escapes into the air before you can catch it. The kind of chuckle that shows a tiny form of acceptance.
Trevor obviously didn't expect me to find his remark entertaining. He was primed for a fight. We both cracked up and locked eyes. His gaze lingered a little too long, not in a creepy way, but in a way that says I'm not ready to let this moment go.”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

“A marriage made in heaven—or in my case, hell.”
― Ellen Schreiber, quote from Royal Blood

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