Quotes from Freaks I've Met

Donald Jans ·  203 pages

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“I was convinced that the proverb about money not buying happiness was written by a rich guy who didn't want you to feel bad because you didn't have any.”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

“I didn't want fine. I wanted to be somebody. Somebody with plenty of money.”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

“Sorry, Jack. I really needed to hit rock bottom before I could dust myself off.”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

“He looked so boring I didn't dare get too close to him for fear he'd snatch part of my brain”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

“They were in charge of the privilege of staying and the joy of firing.”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

“Those rich guys were right. Money can't buy happiness, because happiness is everywhere. It's free, like air.”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

“I'm not sure who faked their orgasm first, but thankfully it was over rather quickly.”
― Donald Jans, quote from Freaks I've Met

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Donald Jans
Born place: in Salt Lake City, The United States
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