Quotes from Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

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“«Regrets»... I regret how timid and meek I was back then... always telling myself that I couldn't do anything, never even daring to try. That's definitely something I regret. " (p.330)”
― quote from Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

“- It's a bit late to say something now... I'll just live with it!
- If all you do is «live with it»... then that's not much of a life." (p.50)”
― quote from Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

“Maybe it's impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future... you'll still mess up." (p.163)”
― quote from Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

“To my future self... Thank you... for sending the letter. I wonder if... today's present from Kakeru... reached the «Me» in the future...?" (p.215)”
― quote from Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

“Pour créer un avenir meilleur il existe plusieurs chemins.”
― quote from Orange: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

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“Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible.”
― Lisa Kleypas, quote from Sugar Daddy

“Deveria isto bastar, dizer de alguém como se chama e esperar o resto da vida para saber quem é, se alguma vez o saberemos, pois ser não é ter sido, ter sido não é será, mas outro é o costume, quem foram os pais, onde nasceu, que idade tem, e com isto se julga ficar a saber mais, e às vezes tudo.”
― José Saramago, quote from Baltasar and Blimunda

“Did you know that chocolate had special chemicals in it to make you feel happy?"
"I don't need an excuse for chocolate.”
― Joss Stirling, quote from Finding Sky

“He smiled his best smile, the one that ruined me for every other smile in the world.”
― R.K. Lilley, quote from Bad Things

“It’s one thing to protect yourself,” Dad yelled at me during our very next lunch. “That I get. Have I ever told you not to defend yourself? No. But did you have to permanently maim him? I spent all that money on that on that fancy school for girls-not to mention all that money for the shrinks-and what did that get me?”
I shrugged. “A seven-figure civil suit?”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Abandon

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