12+ quotes from Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill

Quotes from Only Ever Yours

Louise O'Neill ·  400 pages

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“We are who we are. Sometimes, no matter how much someone might want to, they can’t escape that.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“I want to hide, fold into the shadows and become invisible so no-one can look at me any more.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“We have never had a class on how to say no to men while simultaneously never saying no to them.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“For now they are just girls who are making the wrong choices. They’re ‘whores’. But what if they don’t realize that they’re making the wrong choices? What if the path they are on just has different signposts to ours?”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“Why, isabel? Why are you doing this to yourself? To your body?'
And why are you doing this to me? is the awful, selfish thought that is left unsaid.
'Because I can,' she answers, and I shiver as she unconsciously echoes chastity-ruth.
'Because it's my body,' she cuts in. 'Isn't it?”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“She's beautiful, but it's a faded beauty now, as if she's been washed too many times.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“I dream of things I know nothing about.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“She catches sight of herself in her video-feed, her face contorted with fury. Wiping spittle from the sides of her mouth, she reaches behind her to grab her lip gloss and reapplies it. “And don’t even start thinking about what a bitch I am,” she says. Her eyes are steady, the heat receding from her skin. “This is not my fault. I’m just doing what we have been trained to do. This is who we are, freida. This is who we were designed to be.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“All eves are created to be perfect but, over time, they seem to develop flaws. Comparing yourself to your sisters is a useful way of identifying these flaws, but you must then take the necessary steps to improve yourself. There is always room for Improvement.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“I'm a good girl. I am pretty. I am always happy-go-lucky.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“I can't even remember the first time I saw a porno. I presume I must have been shocked, frightened even, but after watching another and another and another they sort of blend into nothingness.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

“It’s true, I am skinny. My bones jostle underneath my skin, fighting to be the first one to pierce my flesh.”
― Louise O'Neill, quote from Only Ever Yours

About the author

Louise O'Neill
Born place: in Cork, Ireland
Born date February 24, 2018
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