9+ quotes from Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee

Quotes from Once Bitten

Trina M. Lee ·  258 pages

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“It was starting to feel like a hair pulling, bitch slapping kind of fight.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“It was starting to feel like a hair pulling, bitch slapping kind of fight. I needed to take it to the next level.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“I might be five foot one and counting, but that doesn't mean shit when it comes to what really makes you tough.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“Fucking bitch! I’m not going to beg.” “Good. It’s probably better if you don’t go out like a pussy.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“You reek of lust,” Arys commented. The fresh energy rolled off him and tantalized my senses. “What have you been doing in here without me?”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“Piercings in his ears, nose and lip revealed his edgy nature. He was casual in faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt that hugged his well-muscled chest in all of the right places. His eyes were a deep, drowning blue. His hair was slightly spiky and bedroom messy with just a hint of the early Elvis style. To say that I found him attractive would be putting it lightly. He was absolutely gorgeous.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“To be a wolf wasn’t hard. No, the hard part was to go back to being human afterward. In a world of noise, pollution and selfishness, I enjoyed the relief, the escape to something pure, natural and free.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“As a creature with a dual nature, to deny one risked the other. Several shifters had chosen one side, human or wolf. Most of them had driven themselves into madness. The balance in-between was often hard to find, but it was always worth it.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

“one thing about crazy people, Raoul, sometimes they don’t want to come back. The brink of insanity suits them just fine.”
― Trina M. Lee, quote from Once Bitten

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Trina M. Lee
Born place: in Edmonton, Canada
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