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7+ quotes from Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton

Quotes from Of Light and Darkness

Shayne Leighton ·  408 pages

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“The occult town was vibrant, busy with fiddles playing themselves on street corners, and enchanted paper lanterns hanging mysteriously string-less in the dead of night. Lycanthropes chattered with each other in alleyways between the hotels and inns. Fairies stalked in the shadows, preying on unfortunate cats and mice. Hearty Elves with round bellies and rosy smiles worked late into the night, pushing their wooden carts filled with baked goods and meats.”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness

“Charlotte sighed and, resting her chin on her knees, watched the fire again. Mr. Třínožka placed a hand on her shoulder, which made her feel even warmer. He smelled to Charlotte like one of those butterscotch candies you forgot about in your pocket for a year. The older, the sweeter.”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness

“We’ve got to get you inside,” Sarah said quietly. “Charlotte….” He moaned again and tried to roll onto his side. His eyes scoured the streets for her, praying to a God he struggled to believe in, he could have made some mistake. But he could not find her amongst the storm.”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness

“We mustn't speak of nightmares here, girly. Evil feeds on 'em, don't ya know it." Mr Trinozka (character)”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness

“Aww." Sarah patted Mr Trinozka on one of his shoulders. "How cute are you?" She turned to Charlotte. "I love country monsters." Sarah, Witch of the 13th Generation”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness

“It was evening back in what used to be the Southern Bohemian Occult when Charlotte and the coven walked through her familiar bent, iron gate, past the small cemetery, and under the long, forest tunnel. They walked into the town square she had not seen in what felt like an eternity. They were not greeted by any sort of parade. There were no celebrations for the unsung heroes of the night as they made their way past the old, abandoned inns and shops.”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness

“She closed the door softly behind her, as she had weeks ago when she snuck into his room the first time. But she could see him now, lying peacefully in the center of the bed—the first time he had ever slept peacefully. She crept over to him as she had before, pulling one knee up and then the other, until she was lying next to him, her arm fastened securely over his chest. Sighing, she closed her eyes. “Valek,” she began when he still did not wake up. “I love you.” Valek opened his eyes.”
― Shayne Leighton, quote from Of Light and Darkness


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Shayne Leighton
Born place: in Boca Raton, The United States
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