8+ quotes from The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich

Quotes from The Creeper Man

Dawn Kurtagich ·  400 pages

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“Tell me pleasant lies, and I will believe them before I throw them away.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“At least with my father, the danger was out in the open. I knew what to expect. But Auntie Cath is a different kind of dark altogether.
The worst kind.
The kind made from love.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“Things can stay safe for long
they can pretend to fit
but then you hear Discord's song
and things crack bit by bit.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“We have no right to children if despair is all we bring with us.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“Rotting in your skin
rotting in your mind
you are rotting in this house
in this house you'll die.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“You're going to destroy me," I whisper.
And then he is shaking even more, and I realize it's because he is crying. Not just crying, but the kind of bone-deep crying that only comes from grief. From the deepest sorrow. The kind of crying that tears deep down into the soul from some wound that time can never touch.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“I don’t say anything because he’s got fire inside him for sure, and fire burns.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

“I slump against the banister. "I don't understand. I'm so tired."
Cath is fading away again, her last look one of pity. Sympathy. Understanding.
"The mad always are," she says.”
― Dawn Kurtagich, quote from The Creeper Man

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