Quotes from Martin the Warrior

Brian Jacques ·  376 pages

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“Throughout his life the memory of that happy day stayed locked secretly in (his) heart.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

“It's a long hard road ahead for you, little warrior. Enjoy a happy day while you can.

― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

“We could have chopped down the sycamore with this...”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

“Don't think about what you could have done, concentrate on what you plan to do; it is more useful.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

“Rowanoak clapped her hefty paws together. ‘Righto, clear the food away. We’ve got a show to rehearse. Felldoh, you look strong enough to be a good catcher . . .’ Celandine fluttered her eyelashes. ‘Ooh, he could catch me anytime of the season!”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

“All night the fighting had been furious, with no let-up. Fur and Freedom Fighters had battled against flaming shafts with their bare paws and sand. Four lay dead and three wounded. Smoke-grimed and bleary-eyed, they had plucked burning arrows from the wood, strung them on their bows and returned them to stick blazing in the gates of Marshank. The javelin supply was depleted, one shaft being retained for each creature in the event that paw-to-paw combat would be their final stand. There were still plenty of rocks to sling, Keyla and Tullgrew taking charge of the slingers whilst Ballaw managed a frugal breakfast. The hare sat wearily against one of the sandbanks that had been shorn up either side of the cart, Rowanoak slumped beside him. Both were singed and smoke-grimed. Rowanoak drank half her water, passing the rest on to Brome, who distributed it among the wounded. The badger wiped a sandy paw across her scorched muzzle. ‘Well, Ballaw De Quincewold, what’s to report?’ The irrepressible hare wiped dust from his half-scone ration and looked up at the sky. ‘Report? Er, nothin’ much really, except that it looks like being another nice sunny day, wot!’ A flaming arrow extinguished itself in the sand close by Rowanoak. She tossed it on to a pile of other shafts waiting to be shot. ‘A nice day indeed. D’you think we’ll be around to see the sunset?’ Without waiting for an answer, she continued, ‘I wonder if that owl – Boldred, wasn’t it – I wonder if she ever managed to get through to this Martin the Warrior creature.’ Ballaw picked dried blood from a wound on his narrow chest. ‘Doesn’t look like it, does it? No, old Rowan me badger oak, I think the stage is all ours and it’ll be our duty to give the best performance we can before the curtain falls for the last time.”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

“Bring forth the deadly dagger of death!’ Gauchee and Kastern came forward, bearing between them a red silk cushion. On it lay a long dagger which glittered wickedly in the firelight. Rowanoak chanted in the background,”
― Brian Jacques, quote from Martin the Warrior

About the author

Brian Jacques
Born place: in Liverpool, The United Kingdom
Born date June 15, 1939
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