Quotes from Magician's Gambit

David Eddings ·  305 pages

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“What was that?" Belgarath asked, coming back around the corner.
"Brill," Silk replied blandly, pulling his Murgo robe back on.
"Again?" Belgarath demanded with exasperation. "What was he doing this time?"
"Trying to fly, last time I saw him." Silk smirked.
The old man looked puzzled.
"He wasn't doing it very well," Silk added.
Belgarath shrugged. "Maybe it'll come to him in time."
"He doesn't really have all that much time." Silk glanced out over the edge.
"From far below - terribly far below - there came a faint, muffled crash; then, after several seconds, another. "Does bouncing count?" Silk asked.
Belgarath made a wry face. "Not really."
"Then I'd say he didn't learn in time." Silk said blithely.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“As soon as a friendship passed a certain point - some obscure and secret boundary - a woman quite automatically became overwhelmed by a raging compulsion to complicate things.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Ordinary men live in fear all the time. Didn't you know that? We're afraid of the weather, we're afraid of powerful men, we're afraid of the night and the monsters that lurk in the dark, we're afraid of growing old and of dying. Sometimes we're even afraid of living. Ordinary men are afraid almost every minute of their lives.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean that you should.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Does bouncing count? -- Silk, The Belgariad”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Actually it’s very simple, but simple things are always the hardest to explain.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Over the months since she had joined them, he had seen her attitude toward him change until they had shared a rather specialized kind of friendship. He liked her; she liked him. Everything had been fine up to that point. Why couldn't she just leave it alone? Garion surmised that it probably had something to do with the inner workings of the female mind. As soon as a friendship passed a certain point - some obscure and secret boundary - a woman quite automatically became overwhelmed by a raging compulsion to complicate things.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“It’s the easiest thing in the world to judge things by appearances, Ce’Nedra,” she said, “and it’s usually wrong.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Love can show itself in many strange ways,”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Fear’s a part of life, Mandorallen, and it’s the only life we have.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

“Kroldor’s men are going to blame him for the way things turned out,’ Hettar observed. ‘I know. But then, that’s one of the hazards of leadership.”
― David Eddings, quote from Magician's Gambit

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David Eddings
Born place: in Spokane, Washington, The United States
Born date July 7, 1931
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