11+ quotes from Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

Quotes from Unholy Ghosts

Stacia Kane ·  339 pages

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“IF her life had taught her anything, it was that you never really knew what people had going on beneath the surface. People were shit. The only difference between them and animals was people felt the need to hide it.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“Terrible thought she was brave. She remembered it now, heard his voice in her head as if he stood next to her. "They scared. Not you, though." Terrible thought she was brave, and if he - a man whose name was Terrible, a man whose path people scrambled to get out of - thought so, it must be true. She could do this, she would do this.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“Bump stood in the middle of the room, wrapped in a heavy fur coat, with a black silk top hatcovering his fuzzy head and unnecessary sunglasses hiding his pale face. He looked like the Abominable Snowpimp.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“If Mrs. Morton would stop verbally jacking off her husband and son, this would all be done so much more quickly, but then Chess figured it was just about the only sex the woman got.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“I’m not into danger, either.” “Aw, Chess. You so into it you ain’t climb out with a rope. Why else you do your job, live down here, buy from Bump?” “It’s just—I mean—I just do, is all.” Her cheeks burned. She shouldn’t have let him come in here. She should have just sent him home and let him wash his stupid shirt himself. “No shame in it. Some of us needs an edge on things make us feel right, else we ain’t like feeling at all, aye?”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“And the living prayed to their gods and begged for rescue from the armies of the dead, and there was no answer. For there are no gods.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“Damn. Six feet four and everything in proportion, the quote went. It was true in this case.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“With magic almost anything was possible; all objects had energy, and energy could be manipulated.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“No shame in it. Some of us needs an edge on things make us feel right, else we ain’t like feeling at all, aye?”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“Terrible grabbed her as she rounded the corner, his lips curved in what would have been a grin on a normal person, which he wasn’t. On his scarred, shadowed face, the smile made him look like he was getting ready to bite.”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

“People never looked up. They looked down, they looked from side to side, but almost never did they think to tilt their heads back and see what was above them. That little human idiosyncrasy left a lot of room for error,”
― Stacia Kane, quote from Unholy Ghosts

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