Quotes from King of Sword and Sky

C.L. Wilson ·  467 pages

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“That was the strength of Ellysetta's weave. Bright, unyielding,indefatigable love. Love that did not know surrender. Love that did not understand limitations or even basic self-preservation. Love that would batter itself to death before giving in to defeat.”
― C.L. Wilson, quote from King of Sword and Sky

“Arrogance is no substitute for experience,Fey.”
― C.L. Wilson, quote from King of Sword and Sky

“You but winnowed out those who have made their pride a funeral shroud." Jaren met Rain's eyes. "Our world has changed, Feyreisen. I have watched great Fey cities die, seen our forests fade back into desert, and listened to my shei'tani weep for the children her womb will not bear. It seems to me when the ways of the past lead only to death, then change is the only hope for life.”
― C.L. Wilson, quote from King of Sword and Sky

“Every journey starts with the first step, and the first step down the Dark path is choosing self over sacrifice.”
― C.L. Wilson, quote from King of Sword and Sky


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