Quotes from Just Ella

Margaret Peterson Haddix ·  240 pages

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“...even the most independent people sometimes needed help. And if I'd learned nothing else from my life thus far, it was that you don't always end up where you think you're going.”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“I snorted "oh, beauty. What's that good for?"
Mary stared, her eyes round.

"It won you the prince, did it not?"

I snorted again, I prefer to think that he was captivated by my charming personality." I giggled to let Mary know I was trying to make fun of myself.”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“And yet, I felt a surge of exhilaration just thinking about that night. Not just because I'd met the prince and fallen in love and started on my course toward happiness ever after, but because I'd made something happen. I'd done something everybody had told me I couldn't. I'd changed my life all by myself. Having a fairy godmother would have ruined everything.”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“I have been thinking--"
He chuckled.
"Always a dangerous thing for a woman to do," he said.”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“Why did everyone like that story so much when it wasn't true? Why was everyone so eager to believe it? Was it because, in real life, ever after's generally stink?”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“Şimdi benden de güce ya da kendi kararımı verme hakkına sahip olmasızın yalnızca bir öpücük veya tatlı bir fısıltıyla sevişip, kadınlarla erkeklerin yatak odalarında yaptıkları diğer tüm şeyleri yaparak ikna gücümü kullanmam mı isteniyordu? Maalesef bunu düşünmek bile midemi bulandırıyordu.
(syf. 50)”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“People would rather believe in fairy godmothers and divine intervention than to think that you took charge of your own destiny.”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“Love is a wonderous thing. It moves mountains and stills a baby's cries. It beats inside every human's heart, yet is more precious than gold. It cannot be bought or sold or stolen. It keeps us alive.”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“Kaderimi değiştirmiştim. Bana yapamayacağımı söyledikleri şeyi yapmayı başarmıştım. Kendi hayatımı kendi kendime değiştirmiştim. Bir iyilik perisi her şeyi değiştirebilirdi.
(syf. 64 – 65)”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“Sence aşk nedir?” diye sordum Jed’e.
Dalıp gidiverdi.
“Aşk olağanüstü bir şeydir. Dağları yerinden oynatır; bir bebeğin çığlıklarını dindirir. Her insanın kalbinde bir yerlerde saklıdır. Faka altından da kıymetlidir. Satın alınamaz, satılamaz ya da çalınamaz. Yaşam kaynağımızdır.”
(syf. 107)”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

“… hanımların görevi nahoş durumlardan uzak durmaktır. Böylelikle ruhlarımız – ve alnımız – hüznün kiriyle kararmaz. Kadınlar çiçekler kadar narindirler, dünyaya renk ve güzellik katmak için var olurlar. Can sıkıcı konularla uğraşmak erkeklerin görevidir.
(syf. 23 – 24)”
― Margaret Peterson Haddix, quote from Just Ella

About the author

Margaret Peterson Haddix
Born place: in Washington Court House, The United States
Born date April 9, 1964
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