Quotes from Jericho

Ann McMan ·  380 pages

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“That’s what relationships are supposed to be all about—sharing the hard parts along with the easy parts and getting to the same destination together.”
― Ann McMan, quote from Jericho

“Honey, being gay isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Lesbians now come wrapped in lots of fabrics besides flannel.”
― Ann McMan, quote from Jericho

“Again and again, against all their best efforts to muck things up, the universe found ways to make things right. Heal wounds. Replace darkness with light. And, somehow, these things happened quietly, seamlessly, and without notice.”
― Ann McMan, quote from Jericho

“But life ebbed and flowed. The universe took things away and gave things back”
― Ann McMan, quote from Jericho

“When faced with an irresistible force, an immovable object moves.”
― Ann McMan, quote from Jericho


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Ann McMan
Born place: Warren, PA, The United States
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