Quotes from Jane

April Lindner ·  373 pages

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“Every so often, a lightning flash would reveal us to each other, and the expression on his face - so rapt, so helpless, so utterly mine - was the most beautiful thing I ever expected to see in my life.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“Come inside with me," he whispered, "and let me make love to you"-he undid another button-"all night along, and then all day tomorrow, and then the day after that..."
"You have a show to put on tomorrow night'" I reminded him.
Mr. Rathburn -Nico- sighed deeply. He brushed my hair back again, tucking it behind my ears. "That's the spirit. You'll keep me honest, won't you?"
"I'll try.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“is there anyhope for me?"
"For a comeback, you mean?"
He shook his head. "is there any chance I'll turn from plastic back to flesh?”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“Let to your own devices, you'd show up for the wedding in overalls," he said.
"But they'd be white ones.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“Because I do have feelings, and if I were beautiful and talented and famous, I'd make it as hard for you to leave me as it is for me to leave you.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“Don't pull away from me like I disgust you. You'll break my heart. - Nico”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“This can't be real," he said into my hair. "This has to be an acid flashback." I laughed, delighted to be in his arms. "I swear I'm not an acid flashback.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“At the sight of him, I was clutched by a feeling like that precarious moment just past the top of a roller coaster's highest hill when gravity takes hold and the car barrels downward.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“When Nico bent to kiss me, I shut my eyes, absorbing all that was familiar about him - his taste, the softness of his lips, his arms holding me steadily - and I could tell he was the same, drinking me in, committing my kiss to memory as we found our way home to each other in the gathering dark.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“And he left me to dreams that were anything but sweet.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“And then he reached toward me again, this time with both arms, as though he might wrap them around me to give me some comfort. But then he stopped, bit his lip, folded his arms, and strode away.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“What?" He was frowning now. "No bathing suit? Are you sure you're not a nun?"
"Some nuns swim.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

“I'd inquired him about being safe, he had reached into the drawer of the beside table and drawn out a satin-lined box of condoms. "Standard rock-star equipment," he'd said with a sly smile.”
― April Lindner, quote from Jane

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“Well, can you tell her that?"
He looked down at his feet. "I will. I will."
Guy-speak for, "I plan to keep avoiding her until she gives up.”
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“And this is the most gorgeous ass in the world,” he growled. “I almost started collecting panties for you, but somehow that just struck me as obsessive, don’t you think?”
She shook her head.
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