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Judy Blume ·  192 pages

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“I can't think when you're in here," he said.
"What do you have to think about?"
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“After drinking eight cups in a row, then walking home from school, then waiting for the elevator, then digging out my key and unlocking the door to our apartment, then dashing down the hall to the bathroom, I really had to pee. I mean, really. But Fudge was already in there, sitting on the toilet, turning the pages of Arthur the Anteater.”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“On the last day of school we had a class party, with cupcakes and Island Punch. I drank eight cups of it. Island Punch is my favorite drink.”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“Oh who owns the school? Oh who owns the school? Oh who owns the school? the people saaaayyyy. . . . Oh we own the school Oh we own the school ’Cause we are sixth graaaaders today!”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“There’s a brown leather section, a green leather section, a red leather section and a tan leather section. Upstairs, there are four bedrooms, all in a row. And everywhere you look there are fireplaces. There’s one in every bedroom, there’s one in the living room, another in the dining room and still another in the library. There aren’t any in the bathrooms or the kitchen. My mother and father call the”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“Uncle Feather came to town, Flying in the blue sky. Yellow nose and yellow legs And he belongs to me oh my . . .”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“don’t you scrub up and have your dinner, and then you can decide where to go,” Mom said. I didn’t want to admit that I was hungry, but I was. And”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“Before the end of the week, Fudge asked the big question. “How did the baby get inside you, Mommy?” So”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

“time. Every night I’d wake up to her howls. Turtle, who slept at the”
― Judy Blume, quote from Superfudge

About the author

Judy Blume
Born place: in Elizabeth, New Jersey, The United States
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