Quotes from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now

Osho ·  208 pages

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“أن الأفكار هي أشياء مرهفة، مادية. وهي ليست روحية، لأن البُعد الروحي لا يبتدئ إلا عندما تزول الأفكار.”
― Osho, quote from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now

“الواقع هو تجمُّع، والحقيقة هي تكامل”
― Osho, quote from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now

“It is not that you fall in love with a beautiful person; the process is just the opposite. When you fall in love with some person, the person looks beautiful. It is love that brings the idea of beauty in, not vice versa.”
― Osho, quote from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now

“But it happens many times that stupid people have beautiful memories, and intelligent people are not so good as far as memory is concerned.”
― Osho, quote from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now

“It does not teach you to live gracefully, it teaches you how to exploit others for your own purposes. And we think that the people who are clever are the ones who succeed.”
― Osho, quote from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now

“Not to carry the past is intelligence, to die to the past every moment is intelligence, to remain fresh and innocent is intelligence. Donald was driving his sports car down the main avenue when suddenly he noticed to his rear a flashing red light. It was a police car. Quickly Donald pulled over to the side. “Officer,” he blurted, “I was only doing twenty-five in a thirty-five-mile zone.” “Sir,” said the officer, “I just—” “Furthermore,” interrupted Donald indignantly, “as a citizen I resent being frightened like this!” “Please,” continued the officer, “calm down, relax—” “Relax!” shouted Donald, overwrought. “You’re going to give me a traffic ticket, and you want me to relax!” “Mister,” pleaded the officer, “give me a chance to talk. I am not giving you a ticket.” “No?” said Donald, astonished. “I just wanted to inform you that your right rear tire is flat.” But nobody is ready to listen to what the other is saying. Have you ever listened to what the other is saying? Before a word is uttered, you have already concluded. Your conclusions have become fixed; you are no longer liquid. To become frozen is to become idiotic, to remain liquid is to remain intelligent. Intelligence is always flowing like a river. Unintelligence is like an ice cube, frozen. Unintelligence is always consistent, because it is frozen. It is definite, it is certain. Intelligence is inconsistent, it is flowing. It has no definition, it goes on moving according to situations. It is responsible, but it is not consistent.”
― Osho, quote from Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now


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Born place: in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India
Born date December 11, 1931
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