18+ quotes from Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Quotes from Infinite Days

Rebecca Maizel ·  308 pages

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“Don’t be surprised by your greatness. Be surprised that no one expected it.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Evil be he who thinketh evil.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

"Yeah?" I replied.
"Will you go to winter prom with me?"
"Of course," I whispered, sure I would fall asleep in moments. "Justin?"
"Mm-Hmm?" he said, moments from sleep himself.
"What's a prom?”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Library? That sounded reasonable. As my thoughts revolved around my days surrounded by books, something miraculous happened. My anger subsided. It ebbed away as the thoughts of books, pages, and comfort entered my head.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Ghosts have a way of misleading you; they can make your thoughts as heavy as branches after a storm.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“How many memories can come through at once before they are just jumbled words and faces mixed together by years of pain?”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“So I am your distraction?"
"You," He said,his face coming within inches of mine, " Are my only hope.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“I started to speak to him in his native tongue, "why would you want to sit with me?" He pressed his lips together, and his eyebrows screwed up. He ran a hand through his spiky black hair. "I don' speak Japanese," He said in English. "But My parents do." "Strange," I said. "A Japanese boy who only speaks English?”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“You did this on purpose," I said to Justin as the man continued to strap me in.
"Maybe," he said.
"What is it you're playing at? Your girlfriend is down there at the river."
"Let's jump together."
"Come on Lenah!" Tony called from below.
"If you jump with me, Tracy will know."
Justin stood up. "Know what?"
"I mean , she'll think you did it on purpose."
"I did do it on purpose," he said.
"You two," the bungee man said. "Keep you eyes open if you're jumping together. Don't bash heads or anything. I hate cleaning up blood."
"If you jump with me-" I started to say.
"I don't care anymore.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“The absence of you ruined my life.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Let's chow, and then we'll get our books," Tony said. Just as the door was about to close behind us, he added, "You act like you've never had food before.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“throughout all of my histories I found no one I loved more than you. No one.”

― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Once a vampire falls in love, they are bound to that love. They will always love that person, no matter what happens. They can fall in love again and again, but each time a piece of their soul is given away. I fell in love twice. Once with Rhode, and a second time with Vicken. The two loves were different. With Vicken, it was less whole than it had been with Rhode. Either way, I was bound. Vampire love is an ache, a hunger, and no matter how much either of them loved me梚t was never enough. No matter what is said or done, it is in the vampire nature to be left completely unsatisfied. This was the kind of torment I experienced every day.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“The problem, for you... is that I’m in love with you.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Do we not have moments of grace?”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“—Vámonos —dijo abriendo los ojos y levantándose. —¿Adónde? —pregunté. —A cualquier sitio —contestó. Clavó los ojos en los míos, escrutando lo que habría sido mi alma de haber poseído una—. Donde tú vayas, iré yo —dijo. Abandonamos el palco. La única señal de nuestra presencia eran... los dos cadáveres.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Evil Be He Who Thinketh Evil”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days

“Only one ring remained on his pinky finger. My ring. The ring that I had worn for 500 years. Only then did I notice that his own hands were bare. It was a tiny silver band with a dark, black stone -- onyx. “Never wear onyx unless you want or know death,” he once told me. I believed him. Besides, up until that moment, I was confident no vampire enjoyed creating death more than I did.”
― Rebecca Maizel, quote from Infinite Days


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