10+ quotes from In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway

Quotes from In Our Time

Ernest Hemingway ·  156 pages

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“I'm going to stay with you. If you go to jail, we might as well both go.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“I’ll tell every one in the world that you are the only one that matters.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“Maera lay still, his head on his arms, his face in the sand. He felt warm and sticky from the bleeding. Each time he felt the horn coming. Sometimes the bull only bumped him with his head. Once the horn went all the way through him and he felt it go into the sand. Some one had the bull by the tail. They were swearing at him and flopping the cape in his face. Then the bull was gone. Some men picked Maera up and started to run with him toward the barriers through the gate out the passageway around under the grandstand to the infirmary. They laid Maera down on the cot and one of the men went out for the doctor. The others stood around. The doctor came running from the coral where he had been sewing up picador horses. He had to stop and wash his hands. There was a great shouting going on in the grandstand overhead. Maera felt everything getting larger and larger and then smaller and smaller. Then it got larger and larger and larger and then smaller and smaller. Then everything commenced to run faster and faster as when they speed up a cinematograph film. Then he was dead.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“And I want to eat at a table with my own silver and I want candles. And I want it to be spring and I want to brush my hair out in front of a mirror and I want a kitty and I want some new clothes.
"Oh, shut up and get something to read," George said. He was reading again.
His wife was looking out of the window. It was quite dark now and still raining in the palm trees. "Anyway, I want a cat," she said. "I want a cat. I want a cat now. If I can't have long hair or any fun, I can have a cat." George was not listening. He was reading his book. His wife looked out of the window where the light had come on in the square.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“I want to pull my hair back tight and smooth and make a big knot at the back that I can feel, she said. I want to have a kitty to sit on my lap and purr when I stroke her.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“All right, said Nick. Let's get drunk.
All right, Bill said. Let's get really drunk.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“Isn't love any fun? Marjorie said.
"No," Nick said.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“Dear Jesus, please get me out. Christ, please, please, please, Christ. If you only keep me from being killed I'll do anything you say. I believe in you and I'll tell everybody in the world that you are the only thing that matters. Please, please, dear Jesus' The shelling moved further up the line. We went to work on the trench and in the morning the sun came up and the day was hot and muggy and cheerful and quiet. The next night back at Mestre he did not tell the girl he went upstairs with at the Villa Rosa about Jesus. And he never told anybody.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“He did not want them themselves really. They were too complicated. There was something else. Vaguely he wanted a girl but he did not want to have to work to get her. He would have liked to have a girl but he did not want to have to spend a long time getting her. He did not want to get into the intrigue and the politics. He did not want to have to do any courting. He did not want to tell any more lies. It wasn't worth it.”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

“It was probably bad busting it off,” Bill said. “But you always fall for somebody else and then it’s all right. Fall for them but don’t let them ruin you.” “Yes,”
― Ernest Hemingway, quote from In Our Time

About the author

Ernest Hemingway
Born place: in Oak Park, Illinois, The United States
Born date July 21, 1899
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