Quotes from I Can See You

Karen Rose ·  480 pages

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“I wanted to be an artist, long time ago. But my hand was damaged, so I got into graphic design. Drawing faces was much easier with a mouse than a pen.”
― Karen Rose, quote from I Can See You

“David's was the first face I saw when I woke up from the surgery to sew up my leg." Eve made a face. "It was like a bad rerun. His face is always the first one I see when I wake up from an attack by a homicidal lunatic.”
― Karen Rose, quote from I Can See You

“That’s why they pay me the medium-sized bucks.”
― Karen Rose, quote from I Can See You

“You gotta fish or cut bait,man.This has gone on long enough. You're playing with fire, every damn time you walk in this bar.”
― Karen Rose, quote from I Can See You

“got a kick in the ass from one of our clients. He’d lost his sight in an accident—hard enough, but he was a surgeon. His career, in his mind, was over.” “Was it?” “Of course not. He couldn’t do surgery, but he could other things. Over time, and with a lot of nagging, he began to accept that. He restarted his life, reinvented himself.” “You saved him.” She shook her head, embarrassed. “No. I was just his friend.”
― Karen Rose, quote from I Can See You


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Karen Rose
Born place: Maryland, The United States
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