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13+ quotes from Empower by Jessica Shirvington

Quotes from Empower

Jessica Shirvington ·  464 pages

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“Love is all the small moments. It is what fills the quiet.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“And as soon as he was gone, I saw beyond, to where Lincoln stood, exactly where I'd seen him last, when I'd begged him to trust me.
And my heart shuttered to life.
Because he had.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“You don’t get it – you never will! You want to run towards the fire to save me even when I’m the one carrying the bucket of water. You can’t help
Lincoln threw his hands wide. ‘Because I fucking love you!”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“His words were so...Phoenix. A complication”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“I breathe you. I live you. I love you”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“Would you think me such a fool that you could be here, in this city, this building, this room and me not know about it?”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“This will be for life. For eternity, human and beyond. More than any commitment, than any marriage. Violet, are you ready to marry me?”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“Am I not allowed to want your happiness because it conflicts with my own?”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“I need you to live for me”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“started to sit up, but his hand snaked around my stomach and pulled me back to him. “You should try to get some more sleep,” he said. “I can’t,” I said. “Not until this is over.” He sat up beside me, taking my hand in his and quickly kissing the back of it before suggesting, “Run?” The man knows me. I glanced out the small window. The sun was yet to appear on the horizon and rain fell lightly, but the wind had eased for now. I beamed. “Coffee first.” He laughed as he stood up and tossed me a T-shirt. “Coffee first.” And it turns out, even when the world might be about to end, a girl can still swoon.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Matthew 7:14”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“Would you think me such a fool that you could be here, in this city, this building, THIS ROOM and me not know about it??”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

“Love is never lost—only ever waiting to be found.”
― Jessica Shirvington, quote from Empower

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Jessica Shirvington
Born date April 15, 1979
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