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David Baldacci ·  448 pages

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“Every time I walk with Alex I'm reminded both how lucky I am to have friends like him and also how unworthy I am to have friends like him. - Oliver Stone”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“I guess we're all lonely in some way. - Oliver Stone”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“The one thing I learned is that the Russians are some of the most cunning people on earth. They never do anything without a very good reason. And just because they're no longer a superpower doesn't mean they don't want to be again. - Oliver Stone”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“There was a time when Stone would have rated a platoon of crackerjack killers coming for him by land, sea and air. Those days apparently were over. A quartet of suits in a Cadillac on steroids was enough.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“Everyone has choices. You make them and then you live with the consequences.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“If it doesn’t make sense the way I’m thinking it through, it means I’m thinking it through wrong. But then what way is right? He”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“I know. I admit that. You’re working with NSC now. And the FBI.” “So?” “So how would you like to be part of a joint effort with NIC?” “I already have enough alphabet letters, thanks.” “You”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“intel and no one gave it a second thought.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“Oh yeah,” said Annabelle. “If you want to drive yourself nuts spend a couple days zooming around country roads with Mr. Speedy while he drones on and on about some dead writer no one but him has ever heard of.” “Sounds delightful,” replied Chapman. “Sort of like gnawing off one’s arm for sport.” “Caleb,”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

“-“Why do men like you do the job you do? It can’t be for the medals. And it’s certainly not the money.”
Stone said nothing.
-“Why then? God and country?”
-“Both simpler and more complex, Mr. President.”
-“What then?”
-“So I can look at myself in the mirror.”
― David Baldacci, quote from Hell's Corner

About the author

David Baldacci
Born place: in Richmond, Virginia, The United States
Born date August 5, 1960
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“ "Crazy," he muttered softly, "how much I need you."
Crazy, how something like that can feel like a kick in the chest, can hurt that much, can suck all the air right out of your body for a moment. And at the same time, settle over you, around you, so soft and warm and sweet, that you think nothing can ever be as good as this one moment.
That I can love you.
This much.
― Susan Bischoff, quote from Heroes 'Til Curfew

“I looked at him, giggled like a schoolgirl, and asked, “What have you been doing all this time?”
“Oh, I was headed home,” he said, fiddling with my fingers. “But then I just turned around; I couldn’t help it.” His hand found my upper back and pulled me closer. The windows were getting foggy. I felt like I was seventeen.
“I’ve got this problem,” he continued, in between kisses.
“Yeah?” I asked, playing dumb. My hand rested on his left bicep. My attraction soared to the heavens. He caressed the back of my head, messing up my hair…but I didn’t care; I had other things on my mind.
“I’m crazy about you,” he said.
By now I was on his lap, right in the front seat of his Diesel Ford F250, making out with him as if I’d just discovered the concept. I had no idea how I’d gotten there--the diesel pickup or his lap. But I was there. And, burying my face in his neck, I quietly repeated his sentiments. “I’m crazy about you, too.”
― Ree Drummond, quote from The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

“In the end we had changed the position of the hands so many times that we had no idea what the time really was.”
― Dai Sijie, quote from Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

“We float in language like icebergs – four-fifths under the surface and only one-fifth of us projecting into the open air of immediate, non-linguistic experience.”
― Aldous Huxley, quote from After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

“Every service had a price. Every object a value. If someone made you a sword, you paid him the appropriate amount or traded something of equal value with him. If a man saved your life, you either paid him the amount you considered that life worth, or you saved his in return. Until either of those things was transacted, you were in his debt. It was business. And if Balthazar believed in anything with religious fervor, it was that.”
― Seth Grahame-Smith, quote from Unholy Night

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