10+ quotes from The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Quotes from The Lying Game

Sara Shepard ·  307 pages

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“Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“Pull yourself together, bitch. He's just a guy.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“At least she had a clear picture of what the Lying Game was now: Girl Scouts for psychopaths.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“I understood we used to be close. But they were like books i'd read two summer ago; I knew I'd liked them, but I couldn't tell you now what they'd been about.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“Sutton's dead. Tell no one. Keep playing along... or you're next.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“My sister had blown out the candle in our breath.That meant our wishes were definitely going to come true”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“The air smelled like a mélange of everyone's perfume and hair products, with a slight undertone of booze.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“No wonder Emma didn't see me. No wonder I wasn't in the mirror. I wasn't really there.
I was dead.
Emma stared at the girl's huge, blue eyes, slightly upturned nose, and round face. She looked exactly like her.
That was because the girl in the video was me.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“All the desks in this room are bolted down, Sutton. Just so you know." Uh, okay.”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

“School always makes me want to hibernate. - Emma”
― Sara Shepard, quote from The Lying Game

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