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“Conall checked his watch. Again. Soon his personal wet fantasy would be here. He wondered if it would be inappropriate to tackle her in the hallway as soon as she arrived and drag her up to his bedroom. Probably. Damn human etiquette.”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“Im not looking for marriage here, Zach. I just want to fuck her until one of us dies.”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“Miki held up a tennis ball, looked at Sara’s new Pack, and tossed it out into the forest away from the ongoing rave. They all watched it go, then they turned back to Miki.
“Okay. Go…”
Sara and Angelina slapped their hands over their friend’s mouth before the word “fetch” could come out of it.
They pulled her over to one of the food tables.
“Are you out of your ever-loving mind?! Everyone here but us is like Sara.” Angelina snapped.
“And after seeing them in action I’d rather not fuck with them!”
Miki gave that innocent smile. “It was just a little experiment.”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“Well, so you don't get too cocky, I myself often complete the TV Guide crossword puzzle." He puffed out his chest. "In pen.”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“I think we're avoiding the most important question here. What matters most. What means the most to men like us."

Conall growled at Billy Dunwich's sincere face. "I am not telling you if she swallows."

Dunwich smiled. "Just tell me if she's a good girl...or if she's a very good girl?”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“Deny everything. Admit nothing. Demand proof”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“Then it sounds to me like you love her. And if you love her, then tell her she belongs to you and she needs to get over it. Show her who's in charge. That's what I did with Sara."

Zach seemed less than pleased when they all laughed so hard Conall actually fell off the bed.”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“She needed to say something sexy and romantic with a mere hint of her vast intelligence. Something that would entice him into bed.

But what came out was, "I wanna fuck."

-Miki Kendrick”
― quote from Go Fetch!

“Okay. Fine.” Angelina was silent. For about fifteen seconds. “But you do know that a vibrator can’t really be your boyfriend.”

Miki dropped her head into her hands. “I will not discuss Mr. Happy with the likes of you.”

Angelina sighed. “I find the fact that you named your vibrator disturbing on so many levels.”

“Best relationship I’ve ever had.”
― quote from Go Fetch!

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