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Quotes from Heartless

Marissa Meyer ·  453 pages

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“But hoping," he said, "is how the impossible can be possible after all.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“It is a dangerous thing to unbelieve something only because it frightens you.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“The easiest way to steal something, is for it to be given willingly.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Sometimes your heart is the only thing worth listening to.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“When pleased, I beat like a drum. When sad, I break like glass. Once stolen, I can never be taken back. What am I?”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“A heart, once stolen, can never be taken back.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Fascinating, isn't it, how often heroic and foolish turn out to be one and the same.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Perhaps we know each other in the future and you’re only remembering backward.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“To be all right implies an impossible phase. We hope for mostly right on the best of our days.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Her mother sneered. “Then you are a fool.”

“Good. I’ve become rather fond of fools.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Stuff and nonsense. Nonsense and stuff and much of a muchness and nonsense all over again. We are all mad here, don't you know?”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“These things do not happen in dreams, dear girl,' he said, vanishing up to his neck. 'They happen only in nightmares.'
His head spiralled and he was gone.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Now mine eyes see the heart that once we did search for, and I fear this heart shall be mended, nevermore.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“You have my heart, Jest. I don't know if you deserve it or not. I can't tell if you're a hero or a villain, but it doesn't seem to matter. Either way, my heart is yours.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Mind my words, Cheshire, I will have you banished from this kingdom if you tempt me."
"An empty threat from an empty girl."
She rounded on him, teeth flashing. "I am not empty. I am full to the brim with murder and revenge. I am overflowing and I do not think you wish for me to overflow on to you."
"There was a time" – Cheshire yawned – "when you overflowed with whimsy and icing sugar. I liked that Catherine better.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Is this what’s going to make you happy?’
‘How different everything could have been, if you had thought to ask me that before.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Are you here for a reason, Cheshire?

Why, yes, I would enjoy a cup of tea. I take mine with lots of cream, and no tea. Thank you.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
Had a wife but couldn’t keep her;
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her very well.
Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,
Had a pet and couldn’t feed her;
Caught a maid who had meant well
–What became of her, no one can tell”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“Oh no,” she murmured, her smile thawing, falling, carried away with the undeniable, inevitable, impossible truth of it. She was falling in love with him.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“You know as well as I that you're going to break at least one heart before this is over, and I want nothing more to do with you.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“This was why she enjoyed baking. A good dessert could make her feel like she'd created joy at the tips of her fingers. Suddenly, the people around the table were no longer strangers. They were friends and confidantes, and she was sharing with them her magic.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“You want to hear a riddle, you say? I know a very good one. It begins, why is a raven like a writing desk?’
She lifted her chin. ‘Have you gone mad, Hatta? I can’t seem to tell.’
‘They are both so full of poetry, you see. Darkness and whimsy, nightmares and song.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“We will all greet fate, on the other side.”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

“For the murder of Jest, the court joker of Hearts, I sentence this man to death.’
She spoke without feeling, unburdened by love or dreams or the pain of a broken heart. It was a new day in Hearts, and she was the Queen.
‘Off with his head”
― Marissa Meyer, quote from Heartless

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