Quotes from Ghost Story

Peter Straub ·  567 pages

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“... He was particularly disgruntled to see what he had taken for a bundle of old rags on the tracks outside was a human body. He did not say "Not again" (what he said was "Shit on this"), but "Not again" was what he meant.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“...nobody can protect anybody else from vileness. Or from pain. All you can do is not let it break you in half and keep on going until you get to the other side.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“The mind was a trap--it was a cage that slammed down over you.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“The day was a long bolt of gray cloth; endless.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“I do know that nobody can protect anybody else from vileness. Or from pain. All you can do is not let it break you in half and keep on going until you get to the other side.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“And I found a statement by Hawthorne which helped to explain his method: “I have sometimes produced a singular and not unpleasing effect, so far as my own mind was concerned, by imagining a train of incidents in which the spiritual mechanism of the faery legend should be combined with the characters and manners of everyday life.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“it didn’t have a real ending. It just slipped backward when other things happened.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“But you do not reject the supernatural out of hand,' Sears said. 'I don't know if I do or do not,' I said. 'Like most people.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“Students set up desks where you could sign petitions for legalizing marijuana or declare yourself in favor of homosexuality and the protection of whales; students thronged by.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

“and rising extremely unlike Phoebus with the dawn to prepare the schoolhouse.”
― Peter Straub, quote from Ghost Story

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Peter Straub
Born place: in Milwaukee Wisconsin, The United States
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The work has reached its end; the book is mine,
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Nor venomous time that eats our lives away.
Then let that morning come, as come it will,
When this disguise I carry shall be no more,
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As long as Rome is the Eternal City
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