12+ quotes from Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

Quotes from Frostbitten

Kelley Armstrong ·  352 pages

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“I don't forgive him," I said.
"Hell, no, you don't. And why should you? So he can feel better? Get on with his life? And what's he done to help you get on with yours?”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“I've spent the last decade learning to stand firm and face my problems… or at least batter them until they're unrecognizable.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“Next Clay gave the house rules for living with theSorrentinos , which sounded a lot like the Ten
Commandments. Thou shall not lie, steal anything, kill anyone, disrespect your hosts or covet
any of Nick's girlfriends. And if you break the rules, you'll get your ass kicked and handed to you
in pieces—a part I suspect God left out.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“Did you use a chainsaw?" Joey said. "I seem to recall you like chainsawa."
"There wasn't a power outlet." Clay turned to me. "That's what I want for Father's Day, darling. A gas powered chainsaw.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

"Yes, unless Nick found a woman in the forest, which I suppose wouldn't be too surprising.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“When the subject of kids first came up years ago, I'd joked that the only thing I could imagine worse than me as a mother was Clay as a father. I couldn't have been more wrong. Clay was an amazing parents. The guy who couldn't spare a few minutes to hear a mutt's side of the story could listen to his kids talk all day. The guy who couldn't sit still through a brief council meeting could spend hours building Lego castles with his kids. The guy who solved problems with his fists never even raised his voice to his children. And if sometimes Clay was a little too indulgent, a little too slow to discipline, preferring to leave that to me, I was okay with it. He supported and enforced my decisions and we presented a unified front to our children, and that was all that mattered.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“Bigger room, darling. Like I said, we need a bigger room.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“I called Clay from the SUV.

"How'd it go at the paper?" he asked.

"She called me perky."

― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“We drove to the airport. On the way, Clay gave him "the lecture," including all the do's and don'ts of meeting the Alpha, which was only slightly more complicated than an audience with the queen. Don't sit until you're invited to. Don't talk unless he asks you a question. Don't eat before he does. Don't make direct eye contact. Jeremy demanded none of this, but that wasn't the point.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“I put you through hell and then I only made it worse, all the mistakes I made trying to get you back.'

'I've forgiven you.'

'Forgive, yes. Understand, yes. Forget, no.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“Just show him that I didn't need his apology, I guess. Show him that I was okay. Better than okay. I was happy, in spite of everything he'd done to me, and no, I didn't forgive him. God help me, I would not forgive him.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

“We lay there a moment, entwined around each other, panting. Then I lifted my head to look at the room. Two broken lamps. One ripped pillowcase. One damaged headboard. Not bad ... Oh, shit. Was that a picture frame? Two picture frames. How the hell did we ...?

I sighed.

"We'll snag the bill before Jeremy sees it," Clay said.

I sighed louder.

"Bigger room, darling. Like I said, we need a bigger room.”
― Kelley Armstrong, quote from Frostbitten

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