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14+ quotes from Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

Quotes from Evercrossed

Elizabeth Chandler ·  277 pages

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“Everyday, every hour, I have held you close in my heart.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“ canʹt
always choose how you love a person. Love isnʹt logical or
fair. It just happens.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Her joy with him was like nothing she had ever experienced. His love for her felt like a miracle.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“I'm sorry that you're still hurting.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“He leaned over her, the sun behind his head making a halo of gold, his face lit by the reflections off the water.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“He had told her he would love her forever, but he could not stay with her. From that time on, she couldn't see his glow or hear his voice in her head. Could he still hear her? Was he even aware of her existence?”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Its just the anniversary, she wanted to tell him. Its just this time of the year stirring up these memories. Everything will be all right. But she couldn't say that, because she wasn't sure it was true.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Was he still, somehow, watching over her?”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Aun en la muerte, te quiero junto a mi.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“No puedes elegir siempre como amar a una persona. El amor no es lógico o justo. Sólo pasa.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Cada día, cada hora, te he mantenido cerca de mi corazón.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Recordar puede ser tan doloroso cómo no recordar.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“La manera en que Tristan la hacía reír, la manera en que la había atraído a su vida, la manera en que la había deleitado con su música - ¿Como podría alguna vez dejar su ansia de él?”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

“Guy kept his eyes on her. "I brought you some flowers." He held a bouquet wrapped in florist paper behind him, as if uncertain about offering it.

Ivy smiled and stood up, holding out her hands. "Oh!" She looked from the roses to Guy, tears stinging her eyes. "They're lavender."

"I did the wrong thing," Guy said, quickly pulling them away.

Ivy reached for the flowers, her hands catching and holding his. "No! No, they're perfect." She looked into his eyes. "How did you know that--that I love lavender roses?"

He shrugged. "They just seemed right for you.”
― Elizabeth Chandler, quote from Evercrossed

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