13+ quotes from Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance

Quotes from Midnight's Daughter

Karen Chance ·  373 pages

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“My lord...I can explain-," Louis-Cesare began, looking less than certain that he could do anything of the kind.
Radu held up a hand. "I am sure there is a perfectly good reason why my niece is naked and tied to her bed. I am also equally certain that I do not wish to hear it".”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“I glanced at Radu. "What, exactly is Louis-Cesare's problem?'. [..]
Suddenly a speculative gleam lit his eyes. It made me nervous. 'He tends to be very protective of women,"he said thoughtfully. "You're a woman Dory."
"Thank you for pointing that out. But I didn't think dhampirs qualified."
Radu smirked. "It appears you've been upgraded.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“Louis-Cesare’s anger suddenly filled the small room like water, and in a heartbeat his eyes went from silver tinged to as solid as two antique coins.
I sat frozen, awash in a sea of power. I was beginning to understand why Mircea had wanted him along, only Daddy had failed to mention anything about the hair-trigger temper. I guess he assumed the red hair would clue me in.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“How did you hear about that?'
'Are you kidding me? So far, I had that runt Kyle-'
'I hate him. I hate all vamps. That complete toad, Michael-'
'-tell me you were pregnant by a vamp-'
'kidnnaped me and-Kyle said WHAT?'
'and then a member of the Domi shows up and informs me-'
'The Domi sent someone HERE?'
'-that you're actually pregnant by the late king of the Fey.'
'Late?!' Heidar squeaked.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“Louis-Cesare slowly pulled himself into a half-standing position against the side of the winery.'What? Did you think one little mage was going to do me in?' He swallowed hard. 'Hell, that was just a warm-up.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“I’m driving,” Louis-Cesare said, sliding into the low seat as easily as if he’d done it a hundred times. “You’re drunk.”
I wished. “I had all of two beers, mostly for the water content.”
“If you needed water, why didn’t you drink water?”
“I don’t like water.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“All I want to know is why a party of Fey wanted to kill me,” I said
The beetle’s lips twisted enough to show fang. “Doesn’t everyone?”
Radu hustled me out the door before I could find out if the vamp’s plump
little carcass would fit into his overstuffed desk.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“..."I ran out of stock around midnight and dropped by a place, got some Chinese." I hoped he meant takeout.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“I leaned back in my chair, stretching luxuriantly, delibrately letting my jacket fall open. Predictably, his eyes moved down my body-some things outlast even the change. I grinned and he looked away, a rueful smile twitching at his lips. I finished breakfast in peace.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“Mess with my weed again and I’ll be informing Daddy that there was an early casualty on the mission.” I saw him wince at my designation for Mircea and grinned.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“I cocked an ear, but there was nothing much to hear. A girl was on the phone next door, complaining about some guy to a girlfriend, and someone down a floor was either talking to his cat or having a psychotic episode, but both voices were clearer than the soft noises coming from the living room. The vamps were presumably cleaning the wounds better than I’d been able to do at the bar, and bandaging him up. I knew nobody was planning a snack– it would be like offering people used to Beluga caviar and Dom Perignon a sack of stale Fritos and a flat Coke. Sloppy seconds weren’t likely to appeal. ”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“Fresh blood at midnight isn't red. It's a purplish black that easily blends into the shadows.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

“My nerves needed a break, not a reminder of how much trouble we were in. I prowled around, but it didn't help. I still felt like my skin was on too tight.”
― Karen Chance, quote from Midnight's Daughter

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Karen Chance
Born place: Orlando, Florida, The United States
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