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Quotes from Dragons of Winter Night

Margaret Weis ·  358 pages

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“How do you know they're magic and not some mechanical device of the dwarves?" Tanis asked, sensing that Tas was hiding something.
Tas gulped. He had been hoping Tanis wouldn't ask him that question.
"Uh," Tas stammered, "I---I guess I did sort of happened to, uh, mention them to Raistilin one night when you were all busy doing something else. He told me they might be magic. To find out, he said one of those weird spells of his and they--uh--began to glow. That meant they were enchanted. He asked me what they did and I demonstated and he said they were 'glasses of true seeing.' The dwarven magic-users of old made them to read books written in other languages and--" Tas stopped.
"And?" Tanis pursued.
"And--uh--magic spellbooks." Tas's voice was a whisper.
"And what else did Raistlin say?"
"That if I touched his spellbooks or even looked at them sideways, he'd turn me into a cricket and s-swallow m-me whole," Tasselhoff stammered. He looked up at Tanis with his wide eyed. "I belived him, too."
Tanis shook his head. Trust Raistlin to come up with a threat awful enough to quensh the curiosity of a kender.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear the pain of loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Why insult the door's purpose by locking it?" is a favorite kender expression.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Do not enter with defeat in your heart for that is the first victory of evil.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Raistlin lay on the floor, his skin white, his breathing shallow. Blood trickled from his mouth. Kneeling down, Caramon lifted him in his arms.
"Raistlin?" he whispered. "What happened?"
"That's what happened," Tanis said grimly, pointing.
Caramon glanced up, his gaze coming to rest on the dragon orb - now grown to the size Caramon had seen in Silvanesti. It stood on the stand Raistlin had made for it. Caramon sucked in his breath in horror. Terrible visions of Lorac flooded his mind. Lorac insane, dying...
"Raist!" he moaned, clutching his brother tightly.
Raistlin's head moved feebly. His eyelids fluttered, and he opened his mouth.
"What?" Caramon bent low, his brother's breath cold upon his skin. "What?"
"Mine..." Raistlin whispered. "Spells...of the ancients...mine...Mine..." The mage's head lolled, his words died. But his face was calm, placid, relaxed. His breathing grew regular.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Be thankful you can feel pity and horror at the death of an enemy. The day we cease to care, even for our enemies, is the day we have lost this battle.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Tanis listens to his feelings. He does not suppress them, as does the knight, or hide them, as does the Plainsman. Tanis realizes that sometimes a leader must think with his heart and not his head.” Raistlin glanced at her. “Remember that.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“ ‘Trouble borrowed will be paid back with interest compounded on sorrow.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“But he could not help wondering, as he did, that if he was so damn wise, why was his life in such a mess?”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“How dare you accuse me of your own failings?” Laurana returned. “I love Elistan. I reverence him.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“It is written in the Disks of Mishakal that evil, by its very nature, will always turn in upon itself. Thus it becomes self-defeating.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Laurana looked blankly at the others. They avoided her eyes. Then Theros came up to her. “I’ve lived in this world nearly fifty years, young woman,” he said gently. “Not long to you elves, I know. But we humans live those years, we don’t just let them drift by. And I’ll tell you this—that girl loves your brother as truly as I’ve ever seen woman love man. And he loves her. Such love cannot come to evil. For the sake of their love alone, I’d follow them into a dragon’s den.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

“Save your energy,” he said. “The future changes as we stand here, else we are the game pieces of the gods, not their heirs, as we have been promised.”
― Margaret Weis, quote from Dragons of Winter Night

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