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8+ quotes from Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone

Quotes from Dog Soldiers

Robert Stone ·  342 pages

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“I’ve been waiting my whole life to fuck up like this.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“I've always remembered. This fellow said to me - if you think someones'doing you wrong, it's not for you to judge. Kill them first and then God can do the judging.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“If you couldn't tell the difference between what hurt and what didn't, you had no business being alive. You can't have any good times if you can't tell.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“If you haven't fought for your life for something you want, you don't know what's life all about.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“He sat desiring the girl - a speed-hardened straw-colored junkie stewardess, a spoiled Augustana Lutheran, compounded of airport Muzak and beauty parlor school. Her eyes were fouled with smog and propane spray.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“The desires of the heart...are as crooked as a corkscrew.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“The richest fuckin' people in the richest country in the world - you gonna tell them some little guy in a hole in South America can have something they can't? Like shit, man. If the little guy in the hole can be a revolutionary, they can be revolutionaries too.”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

“Don't be afraid to ask for a rise, Sagittarius. Your boss always pay you less than your work is actually worth!”
― Robert Stone, quote from Dog Soldiers

About the author

Robert Stone
Born place: in Brooklyn, The United States
Born date August 21, 1937
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