Quotes from The Romanov Prophecy

Steve Berry ·  387 pages

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“He that endureth to the end, shall be saved.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Romanov Prophecy

“The people can be forced to fear, but not to love.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Romanov Prophecy

“They’re like chocolate-chip cookies, though. Can’t have just one.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Romanov Prophecy

“I will check the hall to see if all is clear.
He lightly grasped her arm. thanks. For everything.
You are welcome, Miles Lord. You brought interest to an otherwise boring ride.”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Romanov Prophecy

“Lord. Do not doubt His power.” Only the starets was allowed to address her with such informality. She was the Matushka, Little Mother; her husband, Nicholas II, the Batiushka, Little Father. It was how the peasantry viewed them—as stern parents. Everyone around her said Rasputin was a mere peasant himself. Perhaps so. But he alone could relieve Alexie’s suffering. This peasant from Siberia with his tangled beard, stinking body, and long greasy hair was heaven’s emissary. “God has refused to listen to my prayers, Father. He”
― Steve Berry, quote from The Romanov Prophecy

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