Quotes from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

Jacqueline Rayner ·  249 pages

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“Because she deserved more than me. She deserved someone who could give her the whole universe.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“He took her by the hand and led her out of the control room and into a little side room. There, amid a lot of sculpting paraphernalia, was her statue. The statue from the museum. The statue of Fortuna. New and gleaming.

Rose gaped. 'But I never posed for this.'

'No need,' said the Doctor, patting it on the arm -- an arm which still had a hand attached.

'What d'you mean?'

'I mean,' he explained, 'that you won't have to pose for it. As Mickey said -' the Doctor smiled to himself - 'it was sculpted by someone who knew you pretty well.'

He ran a hand through his hair and looked as though he was expecting applause.

Rose walked round the statue. 'Is my bum really that--'

'Yes,' the Doctor interrupted testily. 'This statue is accurate in every detail. Bum. Arms. Legs. Nose. Broken fingernail on your right hand.'

* * *

Rose stood looking at the statue for a bit longer. 'It is perfect,' she said at last.

'I was inspired.'

They smiled at each other. All was right with the world again.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“Rose wasn't 'ordinary'. What was I supposed to do? Wrap her in cotton wool? Tell her 'Here, I could give you the universe, but I'm not going to in case you get hurt? There's all this stuff out there, all these planets, all these wonders, but I want you to stay at home and work in a shop?”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“Ursus stepped forward. 'Watch your tongue when you speak to the goddess!' he snarled.
The Doctor frowned. 'I think that would make speaking rather difficult,' he said.He stuck his tongue out and crossed his eyes to look down on it. 'Therterly inghockigal.' he said.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“He saw the statue - she shrank back as he hurried forward. And then he realized it wasn't her. Rose was taken aback. She hadn't known - how could she know - what her disappearence had done to him. This Doctor had a look of such despair in his eyes that her heart almost stopped in pity. She wanted more than anything else to go to him, tell him that everything was going to be alright. But... what with possibly ripping time and space apart, that was probably a bad idea. ”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“Aside from being terrifying, it was totally humiliating. Rose Tyler, Barbie doll.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“The Doctor gave a modest shrug. "Well, I must admit that I made heads turn wherever I go. It's a burden that I just have to live with.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“This is the goddess Fortuna. She brought luck - or took it away. But you'd put up with whatever she did. Because when she decided to favour you, it made everything worthwhile”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“Elves, pixies, gnomes- the Moomins, Chorlton and the Wheelies, SpongeBob SquarePants- they all tried to invade you at some point.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“Do you know what it's like," he said, "to feel that you're in the wrong body?"
"Well actually..." the Doctor began, wiggling his own fingers in front of his face.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“A trapdoor had slammed open at the edge of the arena, followed by another and another. Slowly, reluctantly, animals were forced through the gaps. Lions, tigers, bears. "Oh my!" said the Doctor, as the trapdoors slammed shut again.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

“Time is, to put it in its most impressive and some might say poncy-sounding form, my domain. I can see things that once happened, even if they haven't happened any more. Well, if I concentrate. The new reality-the real reality- keeps asserting itself, even with me. But the other time line leaves echoes, ripples, if you look hard enough.”
― Jacqueline Rayner, quote from Doctor Who: The Stone Rose

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