9+ quotes from Uncaged by Harper Sloan

Quotes from Uncaged

Harper Sloan ·  147 pages

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“Cohen starts smiling and nods his head.  “This is good, Daddy.  I knew my angels would give me sisters.  I asked them.”  Melissa stops laughing and grabs my hand.  “What do you mean, baby?” she asks on a whisper. “I asked Nana, Mommy Fia, and Auntie Grace to give me a sister.  I said I wanted a sister more than anything in the world so I can look out for her like Daddy looks out for you.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“Plus, Maddox has one too.  Lust over him.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“Did you really have to put ideas in Izzy's head? she now has some......What did she call it? Oh yeah "Trifecta of Vaginal Bliss". What the hell does that shit mean?”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“Did you really have to put ideas in Izzy’s head? She now has some brilliant idea that I need some . . . What did she call it? Oh yeah, ‘Trifecta of vaginal bliss.’ What in the hell does that shit mean?”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“I thought Dee was full of shit when she mentioned all that party you are rocking in your pants.” He laughs and wags his brows at me.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“I walk over to Melissa, gently pull her into my arms, and hold her close. I can feel my girls rolling around in her belly when she presses closer.

“Hey, you,” she says, her lips a breath away from mine, just begging for me to close the distance.

“Hey back.” I pull her close and savor the taste of her on my tongue. I feel her lips tip up, and her moan tingles against my lips. Yeah, my girl missed me today.

“Maybe, just a wild guess here, but maybe those two will remember we aren’t in their bedroom, the porn music isn’t playing on a loop, and it probably isn’t the wisest move to start molesting each other in the family restaurant?”

I break away from Melissa’s lips, licking my own when I see the fire burning bright in her eyes.

“Shut up, Ash,” I growl and give my wife one more chaste kiss before helping her take her seat again.

“’Shut up, Ash,’ he says. No, ‘thank you, Ash, for reminding me that I can’t drive the boat into the canal in the middle of family dinner’?”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“Do you have any idea what a two-year-old screaming about turtles will do to your sex life?”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“The doctor will go over it in more detail, but those two little girls are some strong little fighters.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

“My girl wants me to fuck her brains out. No more of this slow and torturous lovemaking. Not for Melissa. No, she wants me to fuck her raw, and it scares the shit out of me.

“I’m sick of you treating me like I’m spun from glass. News flash, Greg Cage—I’m not going to break. Your massive dick isn’t going to thump a baby on the head, scar her for life, or poke a hole in her head. But what your dick is going to do is get the hell inside me and fuck me hard!”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Uncaged

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Harper Sloan
Born place: in Knoxville, TN, The United States
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