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Lara Adrian ·  387 pages

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“I can’t help but desire you. I want to taste you again. This feeling I have for you is more than intense ” he said roughly. “It is a possessive thing greedy. I look at you Corinne Bishop and all I can think is that you are mine.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“I never knew what it was to crave a woman’s touch. Or to hunger for a woman’s kiss.”
“And now you do?” she asked hesitantly.
“Since I met you, Corinne Bishop, I’ve been thinking of little else.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“The Order will not splinter," Lucan replied, terse with fury for what Dragos was forcing them to consider. "We are warriors, Brethren. We are kin. We will not let anyone scatter us in terror."

Gideon nodded, solemn and silent. "Yeah," he said, meeting their gazes. "Fuck me, right? Totally crap idea. I don't know what the hell I was thinking.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“No further issues with Corinne Bishop or her kin in Detroit?”
“Hunter didn’t seem to be concerned,” Gideon replied. “Said he had the situation under control.”
Lucan grunted, wry despite the weight of the discussion previously under way. “Where’ve I heard that line before? Famous last words from more than one of us over the course of the past year and a half.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“Harvard just took that option out of our hands. He is truly on his own now.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“Thank you for bringing me home.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“Pain? He could handle that, no problem; it was the idea that the female he loved was suffering that made him want to either punch something or vomit in the corner.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“Age makes you want to hold everyone you love as close as you can.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“Nature doesn't give a damn for convenience, and never has.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

“You are the finest thing I've ever touched.”
― Lara Adrian, quote from Deeper Than Midnight

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“What does he have planned?”

“He said it was a surprise, but apparently it includes all my favorites things about the city.”

“That’s cute. Maybe it’ll be the refresher you guys need. It’s hard being apart for so long, especially when there is a super-hot ex-boyfriend living next to you.”

I give her a pointed look.

“And speak of the devil. Look whose truck just pulled into the driveway.” Amanda puts her drink on the coffee table and crawls on top of me, her knees digging into my stomach as she tries to catch a view of Aaron.

“Will you please get off me?”

“I want to see what he looks like. I want to see these muscles you speak of.” Amanda reaches the window, but I yank on her body so she can’t sneak a peek. “Hey, stop that, I can’t see.”

“Exactly. He’ll catch you looking, and I don’t want him thinking it’s me.”

“Don’t be paranoid. He won’t think that. Now let me catch a glimpse.” Pushing down on my head, trying to climb over me, she reaches for the blinds, but I hold strong and grip her around the waist, using my legs to hold her down as well. “Stop it.” She swats at my head. “Just a little looksy.”

“No, he’ll see you.”

“He won’t.”

“He will.”


Knock, knock.

We still, our heads snapping to the front door.

“Is someone at the door?” Amanda whispers, one of her hands holding on to my ponytail.

“That’s what a knock usually means,” I whisper back.

“Is it him?”

Oh hell.

“I have no idea.” I hold still, trying not to move in case the person on the other side of the door can hear us.

“Answer it,” Amanda scolds.


“Why not?”

“Because if it’s Aaron, I don’t want you anywhere near him. You’ll embarrass me, I know it.”

Amanda scoffs. “Don’t be ridiculous.” She pushes off me, her hand palming my face for a brief second. “I’ll answer the door.” When she places one of her feet on the floor, I hold her in place.

“Oh no, you don’t. You’re not answering that door. Just be still, the person will go away.”

Knock, knock.

“You’re being rude,” Amanda says as she plows her elbow into my thigh, causing me to buckle over in pain. She frees herself from my grip and rushes to the door. Right before she opens it, she fluffs her hair. You’ve got to be kidding me.

I don’t even have to ask if it’s Aaron because that’s just my luck. Also, Amanda makes a low whistle sound when she opens the door.

“Amanda?” Aaron’s voice floats into my house.

“Aaron Walters, look . . . at . . . you.” I sit up just in time to see Amanda give him a very slow once-over. “You were right, Amelia, he has gotten sexier.”

What? Jesus!

I hop off the couch, limping ever so slightly from the dead leg Amanda gave me. “I didn’t say that.”

Amanda waves her hand. “It was in the realm of that. Come in, come in. We need to catch up.” Amanda wraps her hand around Aaron’s arm and pulls him into the house. When she passes me, she winks and squeezes his arm while mouthing, “He’s huge.”

I shut the door behind them and bang my head on it a few times before joining them in the living room. I knew Amanda’s visit was going to be interesting”
― Meghan Quinn, quote from The Other Brother

“His Presbyterian minster father had believed in a divine design, and Mozasu believed that life was like this game where the player could adjust the dials yet also expect the uncertainty of factors he couldn't control. He understood why his customers wanted to play something that looked fixed but which also left room for randomness and hope.”
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“My wolf brothers and sisters have a saying (or a howl) that goes, "Don't leave anything you can't come back to." I know I can come back here and I will be welcomed, and that brings me more comfort than anything else in this world.”
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