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“Morrow ... my heart is on the ground." The simple Shawnee phrase rent her heart. She simply bent her head as he whispered, "Remember how much I love you. Remember love bears all things.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“You’re different than you used to be. A few months ago you wouldn’t have followed me onto this porch.” The compliment, if it was that, brought tears to her eyes. “I—I’m sorry for treating you so badly. I’m ashamed now of how I snubbed you—acted afraid of you—” “It’s common enough.” The admission startled her—made her feel grieved and defensive and tender toward him all at once. She longed to lay a reassuring hand on his sleeve but checked herself. There was no self-pity in his manner, only truth telling, and she sensed he didn’t want her sympathy, just her friendship. And her forgiveness. “A half blood belongs to no one, red or white,” he said. “You belong to God,” she said softly.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“But home wasn’t a place, she was coming to realize. Home was family. Home was right here, right now. With these God-given people.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“when you meet the man you want to be with for life, you'll want to run to him and not away from him.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“She nearly slipped on an icy rock, but he caught her, his shoepacks sure on the frozen ground. He led her up a shaded path to a limestone wall, where they squeezed through an opening like a loophole. On the other side, the earth fell away, and it seemed they stepped into open sky. She gave a little gasp, not of fear, but of awe. He turned to take her in, pressing his back against the cold cliff and drawing her in front of him. She looked down and found the toes of her boots in midair with only her heels on the ledge. But he had one hard arm around her, grounding her. His breath was warm against her cold cheek. “I wanted to show you Cherokee territory, not just tell you about it.” She followed the sweep of his arm south, his finger pointing to distant snow-dusted mountains and a wide opal river. Small puffs of smoke revealed few campfires or cabins. The land lay before them like a disheveled white coverlet, uninhabited and without end, broken by more mountains and wending waterways. The unspoiled beauty of it took her breath. For a moment he relaxed his hold on her. With a cry, she reached for him again, fearing she might fall into nothingness. “Careful,” he murmured, steadying her. “Trust me.” She shut her eyes tight as his arms settled around her, anchoring her to the side of the cliff. Frightened as she was, she felt a tingling from her bare head to her feet. ’Twas altogether bewildering and frightening . . . yet pleasing. Gingerly, as if doing a slow dance, he led her off the ledge onto safe ground, where he released her and turned toward the stallion grazing on a tuft of grass. His smile was tight. “We should return—soon, before your father thinks I took you captive.” Reluctantly she walked behind him, framing every part of him in her mind in those few, unguarded moments before he mounted.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“He framed her face with his hands, wiping her tears away as soon as they spilled over. “Morrow . . . my heart is on the ground.” The simple Shawnee phrase rent her heart. She simply bent her head as he whispered, “Remember how much I love you. Remember love bears all things.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“I wanted to check on you one last time . . . see if you needed anything,” she whispered, stopping in the center of the room. “Have you come to give me my orders?” There was a hint of a smile in his voice as he moved to stand before her, arms still crossed. “Orders?” she echoed. “Don’t look out the window. Don’t climb onto the roof. Don’t go below.” She tried to smile, surprised at his easy manner, but her sense of impending disaster only deepened. “I have no heart for a frolic tonight. The soldiers are simply too close.” He looked down at her, studying her small form smothered in moss green wool. She pulled her scarlet shawl closer around her, chilled by the cold bedroom. She could hear Pa calling her but made no move to go. Distracted, her eyes fell to his feet. He wore the shoepacks he’d made as they’d sat together about the fire these long winter nights, just the three of them in a warm circle of firelight—she, he, and Pa. That was what she craved—quiet companionship about the fire, not the forced frivolity before her. She swallowed down a sigh, a bit startled when he put his hands on her shoulders. In the dimness, his face held a rare pensiveness. “Do you forgive me, Morrow?” The heartfelt words returned her to the autumn day he’d first asked. “Forgive you?” she echoed. “Do you forgive me—for my father’s people?” The humble question, now thrice asked, seemed to resound to the far corners of the room. Her lips parted in answer, but no sound came. She had a keen awareness of her own thudding heart. The pressure of his hands. The warmth in his eyes. Below, the frolic seemed to fade away. “Yes.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“Hester kept her company by bringing her meals and tea, fussing over Rosebud, washing Morrow’s clothes, and doing her hair as if she was the colonel’s lady. “Colonel Clark is sure taken wi’ you,” she said. “Neither man nor beast ever talks back to that man, but you shore put him in his place over that bad business at Fort Randolph. And lo and behold, I think he liked it. But for one little thing.” Morrow looked up from nursing Rosebud. “He just can’t figure out why a beautiful woman like yo’self would settle for a savage.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“The door swung open without a warning knock, and he stepped into the room. She couldn’t look at him, trussed up as she was, so she looked away, fixing her eyes on a crack in the floor by her right foot. The feather tick gave way as he sat beside her. He tucked in a stray curl that had come free of the ribbon and lace Angelique had woven into her upswept hair. Timidly her eyes skimmed the floor and fastened on one black boot firmly planted just beyond the sweep of her skirts. Next her eye trailed to seamless buckskin breeches before taking in the ruffled cuff of an exquisite linen shirtsleeve. His voice was low and amused. “What a pair we make, Morrow. The lovesick Métis scout and the beautiful Shemanese princess. At least that’s what Loramie called us when we dragged ourselves into this post.” At this she laughed and looked him fully in the face. His hair was freshly washed and hung in ebony strands about his shoulders, dampening his fine shirt. He smelled of bayberry and tobacco and something else she couldn’t place. And his eyes, though tired, shone with pleasure.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“The silence was oddly comfortable, broken by the clink of cutlery and passing of the dishes. She was torn between joining them at the table or shunning them as she’d done in the past. Finally she sat down, Red Shirt across from her. His plate was full, but he made no move to eat. Instead his tan fingers toyed with the knife and fork, turning them over as if contemplating what to do next. He shot a glance at her, lingering on her hands as she draped a napkin across her lap and took up her own utensils. Was he trying to copy her . . . perhaps please her? His hesitancy was so touching she swallowed down the ache in her throat with a forkful of potato. He followed with a forkful of his own and eyed her as she picked up her knife. He did the same, but slowly, cutting his meat by pinning it properly with his fork first. She could feel Pa’s eyes on them both—no doubt he was enjoying their peculiar interaction. At the end of the table sat Surrounded, missing nothing, but shunning utensils as was his custom.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“Morrow . . . let me love you.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“I thought you’d gone.” “I had to turn back.” “Why?” “All that matters is right here.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“Why did you come back? ’Tis not safe.” “I came back to finish what we last started.” Did he mean their near embrace in the barn? Before Pa came in? His mouth was warm against her ear, his fingers stroking her hair, which frayed at the touch of his callused hand. “I came back to ask you to be my wife.” The words, so long wished for, were every bit as sweet as she’d hoped they’d be. But here in this shadowed corner, with Pa so ill . . . “Do you love me? Or do you feel pity for me, alone, almost fatherless?” “Not pity, Morrow. Love. The love between a man and a woman.” Her lips parted in a sort of wonder. “Have you ever been in love?” “Not till now . . . not till you.” “Then how can you be . . . sure?” “I know my mind, my heart.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“You shouldn’t come here alone, nekanoh.” Startled, she turned. Red Shirt stood behind her, his hazel eyes on her and everything else at once. Was he remembering how she’d nearly drowned? “Nekanoh?” She echoed the strange word back to him. “It means ‘friend’ in Shawnee.” Did he say that to soothe her, in case she felt frightened alone with him? Standing on the bank beside him, she was struck by how tall he was. Why, she didn’t even reach his shoulder. Even outdoors he was physically imposing, dominating the woods as well as the cabin. “I didn’t hear you,” she said, then flushed at her foolishness. It was his habit not to be heard. A flicker of amusement seemed to lighten his intensity. “I know. I’ve followed you since you left the barn.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“But there’s another reason you can’t go. You still haven’t told me about your trip to Tennessee.” A sudden spark seemed to light his keen eyes. “I wanted to tell you, but you didn’t come, even when I gave you back your bed.” She looked up, full of wonder. “You wanted me to come upstairs?” “You know I wouldn’t hurt you . . . dishonor you.” “I—I know you wouldn’t . . . but . . . being alone with you . . . like that . . .” She faltered and looked away, a furious blush staining her face. “It’s not the proper way,” he finished for her. She merely nodded, trying to start sewing again, but instead making a knot of her thread. He said quietly, “Sometimes I think you’re still afraid of me.” She looked up at him again and wished she hadn’t. His eyes held hers with a startling intensity, as if daring her to deny it. She got up abruptly, nearly spilling her sewing onto the floor. “I made some broth,” she said. “You’ll need to regain your strength. And I’ll have to see to your shoulder.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“John Andre,” she said, toying with a spoon. “He fell in love with a Philadelphia belle named Peggy Shippen. I merely had the privilege of sewing her dresses.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

“In the morning, he had to shake her awake. When she saw him leaning over her, shirtless, his dark hair loose and disheveled, her first feeling was one of wonder. She’d dreamed she was asleep atop her feather tick, not the hard ground, and certainly not with a husband. “You’re beautiful awake,” he said with a knowing smile. “But you’re even more beautiful asleep.”
― Laura Frantz, quote from Courting Morrow Little

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