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17+ quotes from Broken by Lauren Layne

Quotes from Broken

Lauren Layne ·  252 pages

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“I want her. But more than that, I want her to want me.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“No matter where I look, my walls are crumbling, and this damned girl keeps presenting me with the most dangerous element of all.
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“Olivia hasn’t just taught me how to love. She’s done something much bigger. She’s taught me how to live.
And I don’t want to do it without her.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“She makes me forget to breathe. She makes me forget everything.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“I’m not proud of myself, Olivia. Not even a little bit. Do I wish I’d never let you go? Obviously. Do I wish I’d come to my senses sooner? Of course. And maybe if it had taken me only a day or two to clear my head, then yeah, I would have called. But when you fuck up as badly as I fucked up, for that long, you don’t call. You don’t text. You don’t email. You go to your girl and beg.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“You’re not fine, Paul,” he replies. “You can barely walk. You don’t leave this house unless forced to. All you do is read and mope—”
“Brood. I prefer brood. More manly than mope!”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“You made me whole. You took a wretched, broken soul and showed him how to take his life back.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“You’re one messed-up piece of work.”
“Yeah, but you’re starting to worry that you might like me,” I say confidently. “Considering I also give you a boner, shit’s gonna get reaaaaal complicated here in the next few months.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“I have a serious lady boner for the guy I’m supposed to work for.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“If I thought Fridays were awesome when I was a full-time student, they’re downright euphoric now that I’m part of the regular workforce.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“The closed door doesn’t bother me. But the sound of soft sobbing nearly kills me.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“This is a part of post-college life that nobody ever warns you about. Your social life is no longer dropped into your lap by virtue of shared classes and extracurricular activities. Relationships, whether with friends, family, or romantic partners—from here on out, they’re going to take a lot more work. No more built-in friends at the sorority, or hollering down the stairs when I need my mom. It’s certainly not going to be as easy to meet guys now that I’m done with school. It’s not like I can just chat up the cute guy in econ class anymore.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“He does tend to have that effect on people. They come in expecting to feel sympathetic but walk away wanting to strangle him.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“I haven’t even seen the guy in full light yet and I’m about fifteen seconds away from asking if his offspring would like to take up residence in my uterus.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“Just what I need. A bubblegum explosion in my life.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“I don't want you to go. Is that what you want to hear? You want to hear that I want you? That I need you? Because I do, Olivia. I need you.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

“Paul’s soft laugh is the best sound I’ve heard in weeks.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from Broken

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