10+ quotes from Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan

Quotes from Book of Shadows

Cate Tiernan ·  176 pages

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“Anytime you feel love for anything, be it stone, tree, lover, or child, you are touched by the Goddess's magick...”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“Men are natural warriors, but a woman in battle is truly bloodthirsty”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“In fairy tales there's always one person who is made for one other, and they find each other and live happily ever after. Cal was my person. I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect. Yet what kind of sick fairy tale would it be if he was the one made exactly right for me and I wasn't right for him?”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“You have to admit he's good looking," Bree pressed, leaning against my kitchen counter.
"Of course I admit it. I'm not blind," I said, busily opening cans.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“My sister thought about it for a few moments. "Well, that's boring," she said finally. "Why can't you read porn of something fun that I could borrow?"
I laughed. "Maybe later.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“¿Qué enfermo cuento de hadas era, si él estaba hecho exactamente para mí y yo no estaba bien para él?”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“I looked deeply into the fire, and the timeless, eternal dance of colors I saw there was so beautiful, I wanted to cry. Cal's deep voice floated toward me as clearly as a whisper in a tunnel, as if his words were meant for me alone, and the found me unerringly even as the group dissolved into talking. He said the words under his breath, his gaze fixed on my face. "I banish loneliness.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“Bree smiled at me. "Don't worry about me. I think I can handle him. In fact, I want to handle him," she joked. "All over.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“Have you ever seen a god laugh? It makes you catch your breath and feel hopeful and shivery and excited all at the same time. That's how it was watching Cal.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

“I saw something last night-a flash of power from an unexpected source. I can't jump to conclusions - I've been looking and waiting and watching for too long to make a mistake. But in my guy I feel she's here. She's here and she has power. I need to get closer to her.”
― Cate Tiernan, quote from Book of Shadows

About the author

Cate Tiernan
Born place: in New Orleans, The United States
Born date July 24, 1961
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